Question about garlic

patti43August 16, 2012

Do you ever use pre-diced or chopped garlic--the kind you buy in jars at the market? I tried it years ago and it was very strong and I didn't care for it at all. But I haven't tried it since, and things do change. I'd like your opinion of it. And I thank you!

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DH sometimes uses it, but I hate it! Strong is not the issue. I like strong. It's just not "fresh". Fresh garlic is all wrapped up in it's own skin, not having lots of area exposed to the air.

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No, I don't, but it's because I grow my own garlic so I don't have to buy any. I don't use garlic powder or that stuff either, for the same reason.

I did try the chopped/jarred stuff and found it strangely bitter, so I haven't used it since, I just use fresh.


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Annie, maybe bitter better describes it. Just wondered if it'd changed in the many years since I tried it. (I was hoping it's better now since it'd be a lot easier.)

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I don't find it bitter....just not a lot like fresh garlic....puny...pale in comparison.
I like Penzie's granulated garlic a lot better if I am not using fresh....which is not often.
Certainly I wouldn't describe it as "too strong"...if I found that so, I would just use less.

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No, never. Old garlic tastes off to me.


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Yes, I have a jar from Trader Joe's. It's fine. For me, it is always one ingredient among a few or more, so the nuances are less important.

But other things are hugely important. Tonite, at a family gathering, my cousin's kind and lauded cook-neighbor made a great garlic smelling cacciatore. However, the grease from the chicken simmered within, was offputting. I blot the fat from food, while many of you love the flavor carrying properties. Yes, grease has flavor. I can't stand 'glistening' food.

And altho I have bought Chinese garlic, I did buy some nice American garlic from the farmer's market in Indiana. Hope I get to use it before it rots.

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