Recent "diagnosed" with menopause still having periods??

seaweedeDecember 25, 2013

I am 48 and a few months ago my gyn had me stop taking my bc for a month in order to test for menopause. Stopped it, went in for blood test (was having a period) and my fsh came in at 39. nurse called to tell me I was in menopause and shouldn't have any more periods. Since then I have had 2 normal, timely periods (heavier since being off the pill). When I phoned back to tell her, she sched an appt with my doc to discuss. He now wants to do an endometrial biopsy/d&c to check for cancer (!) since I have fibroids right at my cervix, I have to have this done in the OR (too painful if not).

I'm really not down with this. I do not want to have surgery if not needed. I have NO menopause symptoms (hot flashes, headaches, sweating, etc) at all so I'm really not sure what's going on, should I request another blood test before considering this surgery? Does any of this sound right to anyone?

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Yes it does. I am 63 - menopause hit at 57. But last year I started spotting so I called my doctor and I had to go for the water-drinking horrible ultrasound. It revealed a thickened uterine lining and small fibroids so I had to go to a gyno. She did the biospy in her office - it really hurt and she couldn't get much but fortunately just enough for the lab to check for cancer. There wasn't any. She prescribed 2 prometrium pills of 100 mg a day for 4 months and that took care of the problem. Jump forward to Sept. of 2013 and the spotting was back so once again the horrible ultrasound and then the biopsy in her office. Again she managed to get just enough - although she was doubtful. Had the lab not had enough of a sample to check for cancer I would have had to go into the hospital for a biopsy - I expected it would be by a local, much like a cysto - but no, you are put under. I am one of those who do not sedate well - it has the opposite effect. A local that should last 3 hours will last maybe 5 - 10 minutes at most. A doctor can put me under but I won't stay under for long. So I was grateful that I didn't have to have that done. In your situation I think the test is required. People think that I have a higher tolerance for pain than the normal person - I don't - I just know what is going to happen. Actually the gyno was very impressed that I didn't say boo on her table. I hope everything works out for you, but if you don't take the test and you do have a major problem you will kick yourself later. Despite knowing what would happen to me in the hospital I would have been there in a nanosecond - or however long it took for the gyno to arrange the test - I live in Canada so probably a year.

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