Menopause and muscle pain

kathshivDecember 18, 2009

Hello, everyone I would just like to give you some hope. If you have read all of my previous posts, you'll be right up to speed! I went to RUSH in Chicago the whole family took me. The Rheumatologist told me I needed to join weight watchers and get more exercise, (5'7 230 Lbs. big boned, strong as an OX!)) I thought my Mom was going to knock her up side the head. So now it has been over 1 year I have been dealing with whatever this crippling, painful thing is. My girlfriend that is 10 years younger than I took me to her M.D. she told him until 1 year ago I could work circles around her, he looked at my all my Labs, X-rays etc... And said I have polymylia rheumatica, it usually last about 2 years. He gave me a prednisone dose pack (10 days).

I have to be on a small dose of something else for a while but THE SECOND DAY I WAS ON THE PREDISONE I WAS BACK TO NORMAL AND COULD WHIP THE WORLD LIKE NOTHING HAD EVER HAPPENED TO ME. It's been 2 weeks and I am still fine, this is the best Christmas Present he could of giving me and my family. I thought all of the other Doctors (Specialist) etc... Were missing something and I was really sick. Now I just know that I have my life back and I think about how I felt everyday and Thank God this Doctor tried something besides X-Rays that showed nothing and the Lose Weight speech, Now besides being myself again I am off all the other medicine ( muscle relaxers and anti-depressants that the high dollar doc's put me on. So, whether the Menopause brought this on or not, it really doesnÂt matter now because I feel like, if made it through this last year of pure Hell and can deal with anything.

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Hi all,
Im onloy 44 but I feel so old. I have night sweats and joint pain in both knees and my back and shoulders, especially my left shoulder where its been frozen for a year. I feel irritable and my sex drive has upped and died. Anything I can take apart from hormone pills? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

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