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julie_vaDecember 24, 2001

I am new to this forum so I hope this isn't a repeat. I am just now ready to admit, okay, I have been in peri-menopause for a few years. I am 46 and have never given birth. I am still having semi-regular cycles, but have noticed something. Before my period begins I wet myself when I cough. I think it must be a hormonal thing because it stops once my period begins. I have heard of this happening in women who have had children. I mentioned it to my gyn and he just said it could be a change in the hormones at that time and just live with it. I am tired of wearing pads or shoving a paper towel down there (if I am shopping or don't have any pads with me). Any suggestions?

I also think now I must become a regular at this site. It looks very informative. Thanks. I hope you all have a happy and unhormonal holiday. Can I throw in a complaint right now? For the last 3 years I begin spotting after Thanksgiving and continue till just before Christmas when I flood. It is very inconvenient running to the little girl's room every 30 minutes to t.c.b. especially if we are driving 4 hours away to the in-laws. Thanks, just needed to whine and get it off my chest before we get on the road.

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Dear Julie: This has been happening to me also around my period. When I sneeze I leak a little also. I too am 46 and I think I have been going through perimenopause for a few years. First I thought it was a nervous condition but then after talkin with my GYN she confirmed that it is the start of the change. I have recently stared with the vaginal dryness even thoug I still am getting periods. Thougt I had infection but it wasn't. She prescribed Premarin creme. I only used it when it was completely necessary otherwise I use the KY-Silke lotion.

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I suggest girls that you get doing your pelvic floor exercises because you should not be leaking urine, regardless of what time of the month it is.


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What are those exercises, Joan? I'd like to start them before I start piddling! :D

Cheers, JoJo

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The exercises Joan is talking about are called "kegel" exercises. They consist of tightening up all the muscles in your vagina as if you had to pee desperately and holding them for a set period (say a count of ten) and then relaxing. They are designed to strengthen and tone the sphinctre and vaginal muscles. They are supposed to give heightened sensation to our hubbies when we grip them during intercourse!! WOW! You can practice silently anywhere, anytime. They may help you build up the muscle tone you need to prevent leaking. Good luck.

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I have been doing those exercises for years. After I sent my post I thought about it and thought I should have added that I DO do them. I still piddle. I could have just emptied my bladder, doesn't matter, if it is that time in my cycle it will happen. Earlier in the month it doesn't matter how full or how much I cough, it won't happen. Weird.

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Thanks! I do them sometimes (and often on my husband, LOL, he says I'm "really strong down there" Hahahahaha!).

I guess I should do them more often !!!

Merry Xmas all,

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Julie: Incontinence may or may not be related to your being premenopausal. Here's what some of my literature says: "With approaching menopause and during the years that follow, normal aging and declining estrogen levels may affect the lining of the urethra (the tube through which urine empties from the bladder), causing it to become thin and the surrounding muscles to weaken. As a result, a woman may have involuntary leakage --called incontinence (especially when sneezing, coughing, laughing, or lifting . . . ." I started having a little incontinence when I sneezed a couple of years ago (when I was 46). My doctor checked me for other things, but everything was fine. I'm still not in menopause, but the incontinence has stopped.

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I am on hrt, and have noticed that when I was on a higher dose, I didn't seem to have as much of a problem with leaking when I run, or suddenly sneeze on a full bladder. Now that I'm on a lower dose,(.625) I practice my kegels, and wear a tampon when I run. It helps hold up the bladder from within- helping with the leaking problem. Good Luck, they do say the lower the estrogen the more chances of leaking... Bummer since I want to get off the hrt altogether as my mom had breast cancer and I'm only 37!

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