What Vitamins should I take with HRT?

cheerful1_gwDecember 5, 2007

Along with the Activella, I take a multiple vitamin, along with calcium and magnesium and Flaxseed oil. Is there anything that would interfere with the HRT's efficiency?

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I just found this site by searching for menopause answers. I just turned 50 this year but have been taking birth control pills for quite sometime. am still active with sex and scared of having pregnant at my age. I recently stopped my pills at the end of my period last month but actually experiencing some mild hot flashes for a while. Am i going thru menopause? can somebody help me? I ask my doctor about menopausal symptoms but she told me , if i'm still taking birth control pills i might not know if i'm going thru it or not? that's why i decided to stop taking it.

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cheerful1, there's not any vitamins I am aware of that interfere with HRT effectiveness. Logically, there should not be, as vitamins are something that we all require. As for herbs, if you are so inclined, I would read all the info you can find to see if there are any problems there.

leidann1, I would think that at 50 you are prime age for menopause. That is thought to be the average age from what I've read. If you stopped taking the pill, use an alternative form of birth control for a month or two, then go get your hormone levels checked.
Mrs H

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