Activella or Prempro

lavender01December 13, 2001

I have been taking Activella for several months - but my primary doctor this week wanted to change to Prempro. I have been having problems lately with my health. I quit smoking 5 weeks ago, but he said alot of times hormones are the problem. Is prempro safe? I am 44 have been post menopausal for 4 years.

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What "problems... with your health" have you been having? Quitting smoking can cause all kinds of temporary discomfort ranging from depression to feeling brain-fogged. There is little known about the safety of prempro, but there's even less about the safety of activella. When you say you've been post menopausal for 4 years, I assume you had your last period 4 years ago and have only started taking hormones in the past few months. Is this the case? What do you expect these hormones to do for you?

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lavender....what was the reason you started taking the Activella? Have your "health problems" begun just since starting it? perhaps it's side effects? When your doctor said hormones might be the problem, I have to ask, "what problem?" If you could give us more details, maybe we could be more helpful. I'm afraid I have more questions than answers. I know I would not take Prempro for anything. It is a combination of Premarin and Provera - the Provera gave me horrible side effects and did nothing to relieve the symptoms it was prescribed for. The source of Premarin is pregnant horse urine; many people believe the mares are abused and lead painful lives. There are many other hormone preparations derived from plants; why not chose one of them insead?

I agree with Leigh - it takes several months for your body to adjust to the absence of nicotine; I would not be in a hurry to change more than one thing at a time - if you do, then you never know the cause and effect.

Congratulations on your stop smoking success! Keep up the good work.

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I have actually been on estrogen for about 4 years. The doctors say I need this because I was post menopausal years ago. But now the doc wants to change to prempro just to see if my problems are coming from activella. Sometimes I have weak legs, etc.

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My GYN prescribed Activella for me yesterday for my symptoms (hot flashes/night sweats, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of libido, etc.) She did not want to prescribe Prempro. From what I read this morning, the estrogen (plant-derived) is chemically identical to the estrogen your body naturally produced before menopause.

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Lavender -
So you went through menopause 4 years ago and weren't on any HRT.
Now 4 years later you have health problems and your doctor wants to start HRT?
I'm no expert but that seems sort of weird. What exactly were these problems?
Does he think the weak legs are a side effect of Activella?

Sounds like you need a new Dr. to me.
And do some research on Prempro. Some people don't like it for ethical reasons (me for one)

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