51yrs- might be pregnant?

mhhope4December 4, 2006

Hi anyone?

I am 51yrs old and I would love some feedback on this please. I have had 6 children and many miscarriages so I am way too familiar with the early symptoms of pregancy. That said, I am now in the position of thinking I am pregnant. Why? I have had nausea feelings- breasts that have nipples that are sooooooo sore and can expell fluid- missed period by 6 days- headaches-lower back pain- frequent urination- feeling of a small bulge in lower abdomen. So, now one would super guess that yes I am pregnant right?

But, on sunday I took a pregnancy test but the results are negative??????

So, is this just menapause? I have only missed two periods -=Aug and Sept- a small period in Oct and then nothing....

If I am pregnant it would have been from Nov 11 2006.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks - Susan

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I am post menopausal at age 49. Going through menopause since age 40 and finally post after 45. Once or twice a year, I get the same symptoms you have. In fact, having the same syptoms now. It started on Thanksgiving Day and will last a few weeks and then go away, or I may have some bleeding. I also get a migraine with it even though I have never had a history of migraines before.

The best thing for you to do is to go to your physician. it could be something entirely different!

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Thank you for your reply- boy! if this is what I have to experience -it is so wierd- feeling so pregnant- yet, more than likely not!
the next appt I can get is in Jan :(- well, just have to wait

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Hi mhhope,
Have you read the post right below this one by Loretta?
You might read that one.
During perimenopause, I did have REALLY sore breasts. You might wait a week or so, and repeat your pregnancy test.
Can you doctor at least call in a blood test for you?

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