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lindacAugust 10, 2012

Salt cod cakes.

This takes planning ahead!!

After dinner, put the dried cod to soak in a bowl of water....before bed change the water, when you get up in the morning, change the water, change the water again at noon....and when you are ready to prepare dinner, drain the cod, put peeled and chunked idaho potatoes into a pan covered with water to boil. Put a small chopped onion into a pan with 1/2 stick of butter to cook....don't brown!!! Your goal is to have roughly the same quantity of potatoes as cod. Put the cod into a pan cover with water and bring to a boil and simmer until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

Drain the fish and mash the potatoes, pull the fish apart with a fork and mix with a roughly equal amount of mashed potatoes, add an egg and a yolk and the cooked onion with the egg and a yolk for a pound of fish.

Shape into flat patties....about 8, dredge with fine bread crumbs, chill.....and fry in a pan in about 1/2 inch of oil....but bacon grease is better.

Serve with tomatoes that you have peeled and seeded and simmered with some chopped celery, an onion and parsley leaves.....sweeten with a little sugar if it seems sour, salt to taste and thicken with torn up with bread!

And then there is taramosalata and baccala....yummy stuff all!

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Serve with toms, huh? OK, will be trying this again in the next few weeks.

Here I thought the whole purpose of the salt cure was to keep the darn stuff but you can't keep it if it blows you out of the house! Quite obviously it was stored outside.

Thanks, Linda. I'm sure I never would have tried again if this had not come up on the "Most Missed" thread. Now, I'll give it another go - I can hardly wait to see the look on DH's face when I tell him!


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When I was a kid, it came in a wooden box....I don't think my mother used it all at once....but what she did with the rest...??
I think I have a box some father used one for his "stuff" in his dresser drawer.....wonder how he got the smell out???

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We made it, make it like Linda except that we just coat the patties with flour instead of crumbs. They're damp enough that the flour that sticks to them is enough. I like that crust better than the bread crumbs and it's how Nonna made them.

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