Oops - frozen raw potatoes

steff_1August 24, 2011

I accidentally put a mesh bag of small red potatoes in the the freezer. By the time I found them they were frozen solid and are still there.

What's the best way to rescue them?

I know it's best not to thaw them first, but do you put them in boiling water frozen? I usually make potato salad or toss them with dill and butter, but mashed might work better.

TIA for any advice here.

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steff, I don't know if you can save them. Freezing raw potatoes converts the starch to sugar, I've done it a couple of times by leaving a bag in the garage inadvertently. They have a very strange sweet flavor....

Then again, if you like sweet dressing on potato salad, you might be OK, but I can't imagine mashed, unless you used them in bread dough or something.


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Thanks Annie, not the best news but sometimes there's no way to fix an "oops" like this. Apparently they turn gummy when thawed so might be a problem with almost any recipe.

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I'm going to guess they are ruined. Just for grims in case you didn't know already but cooked mashed potatoes freeze great. Each time I have some left overs, I keep adding them in a freezer container until it's full then I have enough for a meal.

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Thanks, I do freeze cooked potatoes in various dishes. Haven't ever tried mashed, but that might be a good idea when I have leftovers.

If they weren't the more costly little red potatoes I'd just toss them. It's really hard to waste specialty items like that. A distracted moment preparing for weekend guests and it's what I get.

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steff, sorry about the potatoes.

I also freeze mashed potatoes, I put mine into muffin cups and freeze, then pop them out into a freezer bag. Want a serving of mashed potatoes? Take out one "muffin", heat it, add some butter and cream if you like and you're good to go!
Need more potatoes? Take out more "muffins".


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I learn so much on this forum. I never thought about freezing raw potatoes, but now I know that it's not something to do.

I completely understand how things can get put into the wrong place when you're in a hurry, or when you have "help" from some well meaning but distracted helpers. I don't even remember what it was, now, but there was a perishable item I bought recently, then couldn't for the life of me find it when I needed it. Days later I found it in the pantry. Whomever helped me put up the groceries either didn't know it was perishable or wasn't paying attention. It was in a box, so I can understand how they made the mistake. And no, I'm not admitting to having made the mistake myself. No, uh-uh.


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Thanks everyone, it helps to get advice even if it's just to confirm that there's not much that can be done here.

Sally2 - I'm so glad you learned something from my post. That makes it worthwhile to post mistakes as well as successes.

Next time I do mashed potatoes, I'll make extra just to freeze.

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I'd try boiling from frozen first. Mash them and see if they're acceptable to you. Maybe as part of another dish that can tame the sweet taste??
You can still throw them away if they're awful, but why not try. It's some water, a little electricity and a few minutes of your time.

Just me.........but I'm a cheapskate! :)


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I love the idea of freezing mashed potatoes. Never occurred to me to do that.

Often we'll have a little bit left.....not enough for a second meal for both of us. It gets put in the frig, for maybe a quick lunch of fried potatoes with something, for 1; then sometimes gets pushed to the back of the frig, and when I find it, it's grey and smelly.

Adding these portions to a container in the freezer or in muffin cups is a great idea!

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One you reheat the frozen mashed potatoes, you will need to refluff them, then they'll be just like new :)

I agree with dgkritch, I would try boiling them just to see unless they are already turned to mush once they thaw.

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"ONE"? Where did that come from...HEEHEE! I meant "when".

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Follow up report here. I put them directly from the freezer into a pan of boiling water for 15 minutes. Then I cut and tossed them with our favorite Jalapeno potato salad dressing and ingredients. The resulting taste was just great, no mushy texture either.

Thanks for all your expert advice!

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Very interesting! That's good to know, just don't thaw them I guess is the trick, put them frozen into the boiling water. I would have thought they'd be ruined. Glad you took a chance and tried it anyway.

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Whew. I hope it was worth the hassle of registering. LOL. I only did because there seems to be no information about dealing with frozen spuds. Most everyone simply recommends tossing them. I'm too cheap to do that without making some effort to salvage them.


I have not found any good answer (online) to what to do with frozen potatoes however I learned how to deal with them on my own. Leave them frozen until you want to use them. Remove the number you wish to use and scrub them while frozen to ensure they are clean. Place them in the oven as you would a normal unfrozen potato, and bake as you would an unfrozen potato. One caveat here though and that is to be certain to place a cookie tin or some aluminum foil under the potatoes to negate having to clean the oven after because they will drip for the first while. If you have ever baked exposed potatoes in the oven (not wrapping in foil) you will not be able to determine any difference between these and them. My wife absolutely loves them done this way.

Best of all we have been able to salvage and enjoy the entire bag that someone (oops) inadvertently stuck in the deep freeze.

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