stop this bleeding!

katiegalDecember 13, 2007

Hi to all,

I am fast approaching fifty and have had the usual signs and symptoms of perimenopause. But this is just too much. I have been bleeding for 19 days as of today and no end in sight. Here in Canada we have a shortage of doctors and that means many of us women have to utilize drop in clinics. Needless to say this is not the best option as you rarely see the same doctor twice and are rushed in and out in minutes. Follow up care...forget it.I really don't want to waste four or five hours of waiting to see someone who will send me home with a " yes, this is perimenopause and what you can expect'. So ladies, in your experience , is this long( and still bright red blood)period that unusual or par for the course? I am so fed up and dreading this happening from now on( that is if I don't bleed to death in the meantime). Really really mad about the fact that husband and I have a trip planned to the Caribbean in February and if this happens there I will be furious. Can't you just see that little white string hanging out of the bathing suit....argghhhh, Not to mention no chance for romance! Thanks for any and all replys.

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happy holidays,katie.go to the doctor.this is not really normal.i'm definitely no expert,but you're talking about bleeding for almost a month.i understad the medical dilemma as i have no insurance;but,if possible you probably should have it checked are losing alot of blood.LOL

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Absolutely see a doctor. Your periods will change during perimenopause, mine can be extremely heavy and last two weeks. But this isn't every month, maybe every third now I'll have one like that. It sucks the life out of me when my period is so heavy.

The important thing to know is you do have option's if your excessive bleeding continues and you need to discuss that with a doctor. Make sure you are not low on iron by taking a multi vitamin everyday that contains iron. Or make sure you are getting enough iron in your foods. Anemia brings a whole new set of problems to the table so we want to avoid that situation.

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I had the exact same thing they gave me megesteral ... they give it to cancer victims... it stops the bleeding but you do gain weight... I ended up with a full hysterectomy after trying everything it took 3 months to get to in the Drs office... Good Luck

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Thanks to all for the response. In the end(no pun intended)that awful period lasted 23 days.Now it's just a waiting game to see what( and when) the next one will be like. I didn't see a doctor but ate lots of iron rich foods and went through a heck of a lot of tampons. I really don't want to get into the medication route or surgery but will wait and see what is in store for me in the next few cycles. I am almost certain that our anniversary trip will be the week that my next period will arrive...or maybe that last miserable one was my swan song. Not likely. Thanks to you all.

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Good Luck... I don't wish anyone a hysterectomy, meds or anything I went through ever!!! Happy Anniversary. Let us know... Jeana

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Thanks jeanauss,
Good to have this forum and good people who have been through all this . I will definately post again and thanks for the Anniversary wishes...we'll see just how good an anniversary it will be.. wink wink.

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My OBGYN offered to put me on BC pills to regulate my cycle for a year, then go off them to see if meonopause had started. (The bleeding from the break in BC is not the same as a period, I guess)

I didn't take her up on the offer, as she prescribed a very expensive pill, and I have only major medical, and my ovaries last hurrah will likely be soon. It was eight months before that happened again. Ibuprofen will decrease the flow, though.

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My period has been going haywire as well- a year and a half ago, I missed my period for 2 months (I had just remarried, and I won't even tell you guys what I thought- freaked me out all over the place, hahaha- too OLD for babies!!)then I had a period for 2 months straight- which freaked me out just as badly- I think that when you get used to having periods your entire adult life that are relatively normal, and then things start going haywire, it's frightening- we're used to the norm, and this isn't the norm for sure- I went to a doctor at that time who told me that he could put me on estrogen (I think that's what it was) which I opted not to do- it finally did stop, but it was so weird- a the very end of it I had the heaviest period that I had ever had in my life, and it was extremely painful- I carried the phone around with me in my pocket, because I was honestly afraid that if it got much heavier, I'd bleed to death and I needed to be near a phone at all times, lol- my period went back to normal after that, but back in Nov. I missed again, then again in Dec....then had a period, two weeks later, had another one, and we go again!~

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Sheeeeese! I have been going through the on again, off again periods for 3 years. The periods are so heavy I find myself hanging around the house more than I would prefer, and I bled for 16 weeks at one time, 12 another. I'm so tired of the blood, I have accidents all the time and it's not because I'm not wearing protection, I've even had to wear my mothers depends! I'm not kidding! UGHHH!!

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Sharon, I suffered through really heavy periods for ten years only to find out that I should have had it looked into years before. What I thought was middle age tummy fat were several very large uterine tumors. I finally went to the doctor when I hemmorhaged. Did you know that if you change your tampon once an hour they want you to go to the emergency room? I was changing tampon AND pad every twenty minutes, even through the night.
Did you know really heavy bleeding can also be a cancer indicator?? I should have gone to the doctor years earlier. insurance or no insurance!!
120 tampons in three days is a bit too much!

Please, please, please have it looked into. It is NOT NORMAL!!

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I am so relieved to find this message board. I am 49 and have been having regular periods for years with no problems until 4 weeks ago. Started my normal period, usually it is first day light, 2nd day really heavy, 3rd day normal and then light. This time I had 2 days light and then it stopped. I was so happy. This of course was short lived. 11 days later I had light bleeding for 3 days, then I had the scariest period ever where for 3 hours I totally flooded, every hour on the hour I was flooding out a super plus tampax and pad. Nearly went to the gynecologist but then it slowed down. I have now been bleeding for 13 days. Been to the gynecologist who sent me for blood test and my iron was low, now on iron tablets for 3 months. He also tried to take out my IUD but couldn't find the strings (this is another ongoing story). Got to go back when my proper menstration starts (god knows if I will understand when this is with bleeding every day!) to try again to remove the coil. In all the stress of him trying to remove the coil I forgot to ask if all this bleeding was normal and he was more concerned about us getting the coil removed soon. Cannot believe what is happening and this is only the begining!

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Just posted this on the ablation thread. Worth repeating here.
It is NOT normal. It could be deadly.


I had a hysteroscopy, D&C and uterine ablation (electrical) the end of February. I only experience cramping once - woke me up during the night on Day 8. Other than that, it was nothing. My reason for the ablation was similar to many of yours - didn't have a period for 5 months, then one more on than off for almost 2 months. Was time for my yearly, so off I went. My doctor (of 30 years) told me if it cranked up again to come back. I was back in two weeks, when his office did a v. ultrasound. Discovered one small fibroid. Slight thickening of the uterine lining.

After the ablation, he said everything looked good. Went home that afternoon with an RX for 5mg Percocet. I only took 1 every 8 hours the first four days. Then cut it in half.

He called the following week and said the path reports showed complex atypica endometrial hyperplasia. 30% go on to become uterine cancer. Not something I wanted to sit and watch. He had already contacted the gyn oncologist. Both suggested hysterectomy

So two weeks ago I had a DaVinci system hysterectomy. Path reports came back with still (even though the recent ablation) some complex hyperplasia in the uterus - none had crossed over to cancer. No way to tell if what was cancer before the ablation.

But I'm able to sleep now knowing my 30% chance of cancer is now a 99% cured.

My point for posting is so everyone knows that even at 50yo, it is not always normal to stop having periods, then experience heavy bleeding. There is no cancer of any kind in the females of my family. Just be aware!



Adding, I was also slightly anemic. My gyn put me on daily iron pills before/after ablation until my recent surgery.

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Hi to all!
I am 59.After 2 D and C, I am bleeding again. I am seeing my doctor on Wednesday. jeanauss, when did you decide to have the hysterectomy? Why was it a bad experience? Thanks,Maria

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I had my period for 6 weeks, some days were heavier than the others. The ultra sound showed all normal. My doctor told me that it would stop, but I could not wait.

Finally i started trying Lady's Mantle tea (brewed from dried herbs) mixed with a little bit of Shepherd's Purse. after 2 to 3 cups of it, I felt the difference.

Now i drink 2 cups of Lady's mantle every day, and apply all natural yam base progesterone cream. Although I have my period very three weeks due to anovulation, but at least it is not as heavy and only last 6 to 7 days.

Note i only add Shepperd's Purse in my tea during my periods.

Please also check out books and publication on the benefits of all natural progesterone by Dr. John Lee, a pioneer in using natutal progesterone for women's health.

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I know it's been 2 years since anyone has posted here, but on the off chance that another woman is browsing the web looking for answers, I thought I would add my own experience. I am also 49, and 6 months ago had a very heavy and prolonged period. I did a little research, saw that it was pretty normal and most likely due to low progesterone, so I bought some progesterone cream at a health food store and started using it. Soon I went to a naturopath and she confirmed that this was the most likely cause, and prescribed a progesterone cream. This didn't seem to be helping, and I was changing tampons and pads every 2-3 hours. I finally went to an acupuncturist who had helped my husband with another problem, and within 24 hours the bleeding had minimized greatly and by the second day had stopped altogether. The next two months I had normal cycles, but the third cycle was CRAZY heavy again. I immediately went to the acupuncturist this time and again my period immediately tapered off and by the third day after treatment was gone. An acupuncturist focuses on an organ that seems to be causing the problem, and in my case, she said my spleen. I don't know, but I certainly don't believe it is a coincidence that relief was pretty immediate. I also think that if relief comes with acupuncture, it is very likely NOT cancer or something more serious, but just an imbalance in the body's system somewhere. I am sad to see so many women getting hysterectomies when traditional "medicine" doesn't work. Alternative therapies are definitely worth a try before you remove organs from your body. Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Interesting that you've just posted recently Annie.R, and I've been browsing "looking for answers"!. I hadn't had a period in 6 months and then started in July with a CRAZY HEAVY one and have been bleeding since. After the first week, I went to a walk-in doc (I don't have a family doc right now) who was really terrific and sympathetic. She ordered an ultrasound, a gyne consult, and started me on a week's worth of cyklokapron. I have to say, that I have never experienced the kind of bleeding that I have had, especially that first week. Since then, I've had bouts of the heavy, clotty flow, and then it eases off (but has not stopped). Ended up in emerg a couple of weeks ago as I had been up 4 times in the night soaked.
Waiting (not so patiently) for the gyne consult (still 6 weeks away). Thankfully, the ultrasound was normal, and the pelvic that the er doc did was as well. I'm just sooooo tired (on iron as blood tests showed low after that first week- no doubt!) and bp is low. Just started back on a stronger dose of the cyklokapron that the er doc suggested.
I have tried acupuncture in the past for something else and so because of your success, I think I'll give it a try!! (I knew that my 6 months with nothing was too good to be true!!) Thanks for posting!

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Is anyone still reading this post? I have been having terrible symptoms and have been told by my my NP to try Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg daily. I am very sensitive to meds and haven't started it yet. I have all kinds of weird sensations. It all seems to be hormonal. My anxiety is at peak a lot of days and I am having trouble feeling n control. I am a very busy bee naturally but this has all brought me down! I started a very strange period on the 15 of December... Bright red and pouring with large clots for the first entire week it has slowed and this morning no blood when I got up but who knows?? It was so terrible it scared me to death. I have a lot of stress in my life.... Married to a minister/ pastor and my daughter,son-in-law and 3 grand kids ( 6-3 &2 yo) have been living with us for 3 years and I run a small business which has been suffering of late due to all of the anxiety and bleeding and anemia!
Anyone take the synthetic progesterone ? How did you do with it are there other things that work? I do not do well with hardly any kind of meds!! :((
I hope someone is still picking up on this thread :) miserable in all of this and need someone to talk to :)

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Debranne I am reading this post and I came across this website in a desperate attempt to find out if what I was experiencing was normal. Apparently it is after reading what other women have written. Although most websites about menopause only say you may experience heavier and longer periods they don't say what it will really be like. When I found this site I easily could have written the first entry. I am 53 and went 10 months without a period. I thought this must be menopause then I got my period again and have bleeding for 11 days so far and not end in sight. It is so frustrating. It's heavy most of the time but then appears to stopping only to start again later in the day. Still bright red and had a few episodes where it felt like it was gushing out of me. I feel okay otherwise, no cramping and not overly tired from blood loss but emotionally it is starting to take it's toll. I could really just sit down and cry and I wonder will this bleeding ever stop. It is such a lonely and scary feeling. I have considered making a doctor's appt. but why just so they can say this is what perimenopause is like. I also don't want to have to be subjected to tests I may not need that will only conclude that yes you are in perimenopause. But maybe it it doesn't stop eventually I will have to call the doctor. Almost embarrassed too, to call the doctor or even talk about it with my friends. Just want it to stop and not come back!! I did take a low dose birth control pill for two years (and they worked wonders) but went off it at the end of 2012 when the new NP in my doctor's office didn't think I should be on them and said I should be taking HRT instead. She gave me a prescription HRT but I didn't want to take them. Now I'm wondering if I should have or if I should start. Just not real comfortable with the idea of taking them (although taking the birth control pills didn't bother me) because my sister had breast cancer and they can possible cause breast cancer. But if this bleeding doesn't stop maybe I will have no choice.

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I am 45 and good grief this is awful! I am on the 2nd extremely heavy period. The last one was about a week long. I have been experiencing some lightheadedness this time. I will get some iron pills. I have a script for sono, but think this is normal for my family. Mom and older sister had similar experiences. It is just plain gross and awful! I may try the depends for when i am working as i am on my feet alot for hours. Hate the rush of blood, tampons no help, they saturate before i can get to bathroom and i am afraid they will just fall out! It is hard to be a female!

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Hi, I'm from Australia.
Just finding info about these long, drawn out periods and reading others experiences is reassuring. Thanks all for sharing.
I'm 50 and have been bleeding for 18 days, not heavily though (in the past that HAS been a feature of my periods).I call this current bleeding a "wipe and swipe", as in I don't always need a pad. For that I am grateful.
However, today, Valentines day, my wonderful partner of not quite two yrs took me to my lovely regular female doc to determine if this is normal (and what is normal at this time of life??). I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 21 yrs ago when pregnant with my 3rd child so that is a concern.
Otherwise I feel ok - a bit drained some days - I am a sculptural artist and the physical work of that is a bit challenging at the moment.
So, a pelvic and vaginal ultra sound is booked to rule out any nasties and a progesterone tablet has been prescribed - this is where I feel there has to be something better.
I liked references to acupuncture/natural progesterone and so on, I will visit a naturapath and look at alternatives.
Interestingly my doc asked me if we had had sex as the natural progesterone in semen can reduce bleeding - and this was the case (I know, it's gross, but makes sense as male semen has a progesterone content and helps answer questions).
Anyway, a lovely way to spend Valentines day! Knowing my partner is supportive (and my sister had a similar experience in this time of her life), reading the above from all of you (hope you are all well!) has made me feel less worried.

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These posts are not encouraging to me at all. Just because something happens a lot doesn't mean it's "normal" or OK. Having to curtail activities, worry constantly about accidents, wear diapers and give up sex is hardly an acceptable way of life. I just contacted my doc about heavy bleeding with clots and cramps going on for 18 of the past 26 days (there was a short break in the middle). No help was forthcoming except to be told it's no big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL! It's miserable and depressing.

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I'm 48 years old and began experiencing similar about 2 months ago. It began with my period lasting 2 weeks. Then it stopped for 11 days. On another 7 days. Off 7 days. On 7 days. Off 4. On 5. Off 7. On 1. Off 3. And now its been on 12 days with an up and down, light to medium flow. The bleeding the past 2 months is similar to my regular period being medium to light with just one or 2 heavy days. But bleeding more often for 2 months has given me several heavier days,.. but no serious flooding. I notice when I eat too many sweets, I crash more easily & feel very drained so cut down a lot on processed sugars & snacks. I am taking a variety of supplements that seem to help my energy level. It is a little annoying and sometimes concerning with a change from the norm, but so many women I have spoken to, friends, family & strangers, have experienced prolonged bleeding through menopause. Some for up to a year, and had no cancer nor fibroids. It's most often hormonal imbalances while your body is changing. It can be controlled with proper nutrition, supplements, herbs, gentle exercise or medication... and a little patience. For peace of mind if you are worried, get it checked out but it is common and normal. Also seek advice from a nutritionist & do on line searches for natural transition through healthy eating, drinking & supplements. With proper nutrition you can get through it more easily. In less common situations it could be cancer but don't panic too soon. Worrying and thinking negative has a negative impact on your health as well and makes it harder for your body to heal itself or get through the changes with ease. Eat lots of fresh whole foods, fruits, veggies. I also go to the health store and have them juice organic spinach, kale, carrots, cucumber, ginger, beets for me a few days a week. I would do it myself but with work and classes, it's more economical for me to get it from the health store. I have little time to do all the shopping, juicing & cleaning the mess on top everything else. And you need time to rest. Also do deep breathing in your yard, park, beach.. Meditate with positive thoughts, stretch & breathe deeply. Smile! You will think more clearly and breath more naturally if you convince yourself that life has much to smile about. Take gentle walks. You need to move peacefully, breathe & smile.. to activate your immunity system and get you body working at its best. Put off heavy aerobics while bleeding but balance movement with rest. And remember, you are not alone in this. It makes me feel better just talking to women with similar issues. Big or small, you can get through it. :-)

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I am 57 and have been bleeding off and on, mostly on, for 5 months. I've been using progesterone cream for 2 months, but I don't see any improvement. I'm obese, and I know fat means more estrogen and breakthrough bleeding means low progesterone. Has anyone ever bled this long and then eventually it stopped on its own to get to menopause?

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Oh man...I'm 51 and have been going through this hell for the past 5 years. My periods were extremely heavy, coming twice a month for 4 years. Then last fall I had a period for 2 months straight. Doctor gave me BCP, which did not stop the bleeding. It eventually did stop...for six months! I thought I was all done, and then it started again in June. Still bleeding bright red blood, and big blood clots today. I work out every day up to an hour, and it always starts again after my workouts. I lost 60 pounds 5 years ago and do not want to gain it back, but I know I will if I stop exercising. But the exercise seems to make the bleeding start again. I am so over this. So happy to hear that others understand what I am going through though. This is terrible. Nobody mentions the endless periods when discussing perimenopause. I am through with the night sweats, mood swings, etc. But not the acne and bleeding. I am going to try accupuncture thanks to the suggestions on here. I just hope it works...this is ruining my love life and I am sick of doing extra laundry!!

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Hello All.
I am 45, and have had shorter cycles and intermittent heavy bleeding for 3.5 years. (Had a tubal 6.5 years ago, and was fine after.) I've had a heavy period for 4 months in a row now, and it's been even heavier than my usual heavy. This last one starting at 19 days instead of my usual 25 to 26 days. I started the bcp my doc put me on that day, and I've bled every day of the 21 pills. I also developed mastitis, and during that 10 days of antibiotics, the bleeding resembled my old normal periods. Then a week ago when the antibiotics were done, the bleeding went back to heavy: 2 super-plus at once, every hour and half to two hours, with lots of chunks.
I went in for light-headedness and extreme fatigue with concentration problems, and my doc said I must have some medical reason other than low iron causing it, because bcp increases your iron. I don't know, but my Ferritin turned out to be 9!
It's like she was getting so annoyed with me for being worried about this sudden week early start and 21 days of bleeding. She kept telling me it's completely normal for a perimenopausal woman. She kept saying the lining just has to finish shedding. Funny, it only took 4 or 5 days to shed for all these years, even when it was heavy.
She is also telling me it can take 6 months for me to start seeing the lighter periods from the bcp. How am I supposed to go to work or have a love life? I am convinced my period would not have lasted this long if I had not started the bcp. In hindsight, I should have started them once my period was over. Do I go back to just dealing with the 2 heavy days "a month" because it might start lessening soon? (I gotta be getting closer to the day I start seeing missed or lighter periods since it's been almost 4 years.) Or do I ride out the bcp and trust it will help?

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