Ok, I'm scared and confused...

LindaAussiedogDecember 6, 2001

This starts two months ago. I am 48 1/2. I am on birth control pills. I had a series of bad sinus infections and three applications of antibiotics. I was just getting over this when the flu struck. High fever for three days. After that I had hot flashes and night sweats. I attributed it it the flu. I called my obgyn and was told that even though I was on the pill I could still be experiancing perimenopausal symptoms. I then started to have pain on my right side half way up and went to the DR to be diagnosed with a kidney infection. When antibiotics didn't help a great deal he sent me for a CT scan and stone scan. They found nothing. Three days later still pain on my right side, and he sent me for ultra sound for my whole interior...nothing. Blood work came out clear. I now have burning sensations in my back and hot flashes day and night. I have a Dr appointment again today and will ask for the test to see if I am in menopause...any suggestions? I am scared......

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oh yeah, about hot flashes...can they last most of the night? I can't sleep with any blankets on or I will sweat. The burning sensations that I have feel as if I have Ben Gay on my back, but my skin is cool to the touch. I feel most of the time as if my body can't control my temperature anymore!

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Hi Linda :) I read your post and can understand you being nervous. What happened at your Drs Appt this time? Let us know how it went.

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Hi Linda...I hope your appointment went fine. It is kind of weird and scary, all these physical & mental changes! I too get the occasional night sweat and often feel like my skin is hot & burning, or I'm cold but my skin feels warm. I do know hormonal changes can upset our "thermostat."

Blood tests can be misleading as there is so much fluctuation in hormones...the site below is very informative and can help you understand what you're going through. Sounds like your system is getting whacked out...now there's a medical term for ya!

Hope all goes well at the doc, carina

Here is a link that might be useful: Great meno site

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Went to the DRs on Thursday. I still have the UTI and was put on more antibiotics. He swears I will be ok, and also sent me to the lab for hormone testing. I will know in a few days about that. I haven't had any hot flashes or sweats at night for three nights not, I am beginning to think it is related to the UTI because I am still running a low grade fever. I still have a slight burning sensation in my back, but it is now more localized in the kidney area......geeze...this is a scarey thing and I want to thank you all for your responses. I still am on high anxiety, and the DR feels that it has something to do with perimenopause, because he say's UTI's are common at this time. Shoot me....

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Sounds like its the UTI, with the fever. Sometimes I think the Drs like to say everything is related to being peri! Now to get you better, and the high anxiety will probably go away, I have read postings here of health food store products that help anxiety attacks, I have never tried them. You take care, and keep us posted :) N

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Hi Linda,

My hot flashes and night sweats are well controlled by premarin, but whenever I get even a bit sick with a cold or flu they get much more troublesome (also if I drink much alcohol). So it could be that for you these symptoms have been temporarily made much worse by your illness, and they may well recede once you are fully recovered.


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Linda, I had a UTI (no fever) once and I remember the main symptom was pain in my back and side. I was worried that it might be appendicitis. And if you were running a fever, that would certainly account for feeling hot and sweaty...could be nothing to do with meno. My mother had barely a symptom, she doesn't even recall having a hot flash or anything. Her periods got a bit irregular, then just stopped, and that was it. You may be one of the lucky ones...


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