Premarin Cream

secappsDecember 5, 2001

Can anyone tell me about Premarin Cream. Yes, I know I can go searching for it, but I know someone on here will probably tell me about it faster. LOL My Dr. said I could try it for dryness. She also said if I want to continue with any hrt I need to get it specially mixed. I have not made any decisions yet. What are your thoughts about this. The cream is 0.625 mg. If I do use this is it something that will cause my periods to start again? They are off and on, and I prefer them off. Don't want to do anything to get them going. She also said the main reason she considers hrt is for bone loss during menopause. Will taking enough calcium do just as well to combat the bone loss?

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My;doctor also gave me Premarin Cream.Was on the pill for seven months for perimenopause symptoms.Thought I had a yeast infection several times. My doctor gave me Metrogel but when all tests came back negative she said she thought it was from lack of estrogen in vagina. As soon as I used it, it felt better. Am a little afraid to use it because it is an estrogen. Am using as little a dose as possible. What do you mean by a hrt specially mix.Please post again?

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I think what my Dr. means is that they will mix up and exact prescription for her with whatever dose of the ingredients she thinks is best for me. I am only guessing as I have not talked to her about this yet. She just said that if I do decide to use estrogen, she wants it mixed with progesterone. I think I have the correct ones, but still not sure I am correct as I have not gotten into this with her. She said to try the premarin, but said it is not something I would just stay on. I also read in the instructions of the premarin that it is not intended for long term use. That tells me that hopefully these problems will pass eventually. I sure hope so. Hope someone out there can point us to some info on this, or give us some personal opinions.

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Dr. means is that theywill mix up and exact prescription f

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Premarin is a very serious med especially if someone over 70 starts using it for the first any form, but take it you have to. Just be sure it is just dryness and not Lichen Sclerosis. It won't help that. I posted about it in the "I can't seem to finish the race........" thread. There is no cure for it, but there is a med to stop discomfort.

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