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cattknapDecember 2, 2001

I'm 51, healthy (have my ovaries - had hysterectomy at 38)and am curious about whether I'm in or out of menopause. I haven't been to the doctor in over a year - need to go - hate going. A little more than a year ago I began experiencing menopausal symptoms - hot flashes - day and night, vaginal dryness, etc. For the past 3 months I've had probably 3 hot flashes - no vaginal dryness or other symptoms that I am aware of. No symptoms in the last 3 weeks. Any ideas?

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Welcome to menopause. LOL Sounds just like me. The symptoms come and go. One of these days I hope they will be gone forever. Mine are not so bad yet, so I am not doing anything more than taking Vit. E and calcium. You really should go to the Dr. just to get a checkup. Maybe you will get lucky and breeze through menopause before you know it. As I understand it, if you keep your ovaries you go though normal menopause.

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Its quite possible that may be all you will experience. Many women have very few or no symptoms and you may be one.


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Yipee!!!! Joan - I hope you're right!

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Cattknap...my mother never had a hot flash at all (she is now almost 70.) For about six months her periods were irregular, then they stopped. She never did go to get anything checked, never went on hormones, never had any other signs of meno, or none that she paid attention to. She did gain a little weight that won't budge, and she takes ginseng & gingko because she feels a little run down & forgetful at times.

I recently talked to her about it. She says she never really thought about it, just figured it was menopause and got on with her life. Sometimes it seems like in our self-absorbed, affluent society we turn every little natural event into a whole catalog of symptoms that have to be inspected, managed, medicated, and talked to death.

Not belittling menopause...I am NOT having the easy time my mother did, but I'm trying to avoid navel-gazing. Count yourself lucky. General rule is once you haven't had a period in 12 months, you're done. Stay active, eat well, and enjoy life!


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