Tylenol PM and insomnia

loulou16December 22, 2001

I have begun taking tylenol PM to induce sleep for me since I stopped taking my HRT. It seems to work very well and I was wondering if anyone has tried it for their wakeful menopausal nights. I don't feel too drowsy in the am, so I guess it will be okay for me. I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks Lou

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I don't like drugs. Especially Tylenol, which wreaks havoc on your liver. I use L-Tryptophan with wonderful results! Note - this is not 5-HTP, which gives me terrible stomach pain - but real L-Tryptophan (it's still available; you just have to look for it). Also, I found that fixing my hormones (adrenals etc.) made a HUGE difference in my sleep -- my insomnia before that was realllllly bad: it got worse and worse over several years, to the point where I was only sleeping 15-30 minutes per night. Now I sleep 6 to 9 hours per night, usually waking up once to pee, sometimes not waking up at all -- it's so wonderful !

Love, JoJo

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Hi Jo Jo
Well I will take the tylenol until next week when I speak with my doctor. She may want to put me on a natural progesterone cream.It is suppose to make you sleep better. I thought tht they banned L-Tryptophan. Is it back on the market? I can't believe that you were only sleeping 15-30 minutes. I sleep okay without the tylenol, but I keep waking every few hours and that makes me crazy since I was such a good sleeper when on HRT. What do you mean fixing your adrenals? Thanks Lou

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If you want the same effects as tylenol pm without the painkiller, take benedryl. It is the same ingredient as the "PM" part.

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I can't remember where I read this (on another thread here?) but taking calcium at bedtime seems to help me have a better quality sleep. I may awake during the night but I am able to get easily back to sleep. Someone suggested perhaps its like drinking a warm glass milk at bedtime.

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