Bedroom window treatment help

kellienoelleJanuary 12, 2014

Looking for advice on window treatments for the cozy (small) master bedroom. Several of you were kind enough to chime in on paint color a couple of weeks ago. I think I mentioned at that time that I wasn't ready to "decorate" yet. Of course in the snowball effect that any minor decorating change seems to cause, I since decided that I need some pretty window panels, I've had an electrician out to move an outlet over so I could rearrange furniture to allow me to center the bed under the window so the panels would look OK. So now I am ready for curtains (and pillows and maybe a new throw and I want a bigger rug, but we'll start with curtains). The cherry furniture and bedding won't change, but it's white so easily decorated around. There are just two windows, here are pics of both of them.

And because my iphone hates to take pictures into the sunlight here is the other side of the room so you can see the color of the wall and wood a bit better

As you can see, my neighbors are in pretty close proximity, so if I really need privacy I will close the blinds. The panels are mostly just decorative and will likely stay stationary. Originally I wanted to add in a pattern to spice things up. Anything from a bold black and white toile or damask, to a quieter pattern in a blue green tone on white. However, I like the calm relaxing vibe of the room now so am wondering about just plain white. So here are some ideas:

I love these Pottery Barn Smocked Drapes. They are sheer, but I think that will look really pretty and the top will mimic the pintucks on the duvet cover (and currently on sale!)

Here is a patterned panel that is less sheer

Here is a black and white damask

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Niche Interiors

Or I could just get the Ikea white curtains. I have a pair of these and they are nice for the really low low price.

Or options that I haven't thought of? I am "decorating" a different room so don't want to spend much on this one.

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The Pottery Barn pics came through really small so I am going to link to them. Here is the patterned option

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Lucianna

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And the smocked sheers

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Smocked

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I'd just go with plain white linen drapes. I think there was a picture in the other thread, which was one of your inspiration pics for the paint color.
And then change out pillows with the seasons if you feel like a change.
(Love that paint color! --- What was it, again?

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The Lucianna is no longer available.

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Oh yes, here is the pic from the other thread. The color that I went with is the next darker on the strip as this one (Rainwashed) was reading baby blue in my room. I painted Quietude and it is a lovely serene color. If I went this route wtih the Ikea drapes it would certainly be the most economical option!

Eclectic Bedroom by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

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Here is a room with Quietude that has a drape with a trellis pattern (since the PB Lucianna is no longer available).

Traditional Bedroom by Oakland Interior Designers & Decorators Shari Misturak

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Do you have a PB store locally? I was in mine last week and swear I saw the Luciana drapes. You could call ahead and check...

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would love to see a drape out of a fabric that reinforces that lovely wall color....

House of Fabric

Calico Corners

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I just love that picture you posted with the white linen drapes, including the leafy pillow. You could spend your (saved) money on all kinds of cool pillow covers: Furry in winter, pink for Valentine's, beachy, graphic, etc.

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I like the white panels also. You'd have so much more flexilbilty with choosing pillows, a blanket, throw or comforter folded at the bottom of your bed. The Lucianna is very pretty & the bedding (shams, duvet cover, etc) are all on sale although the background color looks more cream than white. I like your white comforter-not suggesting you replace that.

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I'm torn on which look I like best, but am leaning towards picking up the white Ikea panels which are such a good value that I won't feel bad replacing them if I change my mind! Thanks for the opinions, now I just need to find some inexpensive curtain rods to hang them with.

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I definitely like the patterned drapes as long as the blue in them works with your walls. If you can't find the Lucianna then a trellis or the geometric pattern from House of Fabric that Annie posted would be perfect. With your white bedspread I think a pattern at the wall is a must.

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Your room is fabulous. I love the color of walls and your trim.
I personally would like to see these panels in that lovely room.
See link

Here is a link that might be useful: Look here

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I am in complete agreement with Annie Deighnaugh. You could also try a geometric pattern --like the trellis she pictured-- in the reverse color way (blue on white ground). For a more finished look, you could add a tape trim to the leading and bottom edges of the panels and add a solid linen valance or pelmet, also trimmed with tape, which would conceal the drapery rods (and the fact they're not full panels!). If you're really looking to keep costs to a minimum, you could use the print for the valance and the solid for the panels. I have dozens of pictures showing just what I've described and will try to post some for you to see.

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Hmmm, the tides have turned in the print direction. I'd love to see what you are referring to Bama, I think I know what you are referring to, but am not quite sure.

Lyban - I also love the look of romantic light feeling of sheers, especially since their use will bbe more decorative than functional. How do you feel about the smocked PB drapes that I posted above, they are very similar to the ones that you are suggesting but have a little something extra. Maybe too much?

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I like the ones Lyban posted also. I think they just look better.

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I like the smocked ones but I prefer the linen.
I think they look richer.

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On closer inspection and flip through all of the pics on the PB site, I really like the linen ones when they are hung with the hooks much more than when they are hung with the pole pocket. It has the softer look even then the Ikea drapes (which are more of a canvas). Of course the cost is a bit higher but they've extended the sale until next week, so I have a little time to make a final decision. Thanks for the recommendation lyban, I think it's the winner!

Now for the curtain rods, any inexpensive sources to recommend? I like the ones with the glass finials but was hoping to spend less.

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Other than the usual suspects, Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, try PB Teen, West Elm (metal rings are on sale right now --- and I'm sure you checked their curtains, too), Urban Outfitters, including antique brass curtain tie backs for 6.99 on sale,

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