Taste change

LindaAussiedogDecember 11, 2001

Has anyone in perimenopause ever experienced a change in your taste? My sister is irregular with her periods for the past year and is experiencing a change with her taste. Everything tastes bitter she says. She said this also happened to her with her pregnancies. (no, she is not pregnant now!) Just wondering.

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Yes! Used to love fish - any sort. Now, find I can't enjoy it at all, except shellfish - shame, really, as the fish I can buy now is the best and freshest I have ever seen.
Also, I find that I get 'stuck' on smells and tastes - what I mean is, I smell something, or eat something, and then for the next eight or nine hours, I can still taste/smell it. Even if it was originally excellent, it palls a bit after a while!

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I also am experiencing not a taste but a smell problem. I also get stuck on smells. I think I smell a perfume or even a bleach smell occasionally. I look around to see where it is coming from. It is a mystery smell and it seems to last a long time.

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Glad I'm not the only one with this weird smell thing! I used to get it a lot in connection with asthma attacks,(this was a very specific, odd chemically smell) and my doctor seemed to think I was actually smelling my body's own chemical reaction to the medication. However, now no longer taking any medication, and still getting the smells! Perfume and bleach are two of mine, as well, and also furniture polish!

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Hi ,

My name is Mary , I'm from Georgia.

I came across one of your clippings in the GardenWeb fmenopause forum , you had mentioned about experiencing a "Smell problem" as part of menopause symptoms.

Let me start off by giving you a million thanks for that posting, it was such a huge relief for me to see that .

My mom is going through menopause and is experiencing similar symptoms , but unlike you , she's pretty traumatised by the whole 'change in smells and getting stuck on smells' symptom. She's constantly getting some kind of chemical smell , esp. at night , and once it starts it lasts for a while.Even more upsetting was the fact that she was the only one getting it and noone else could smell it. Until I saw your positing I was never aware that this could be a menopause symptom.

My mom extremely depressed and is very scared about the whole experience.

Would you be able to tell me how I can help her ? Are there any medicines for this ? Do you know of any website or any articles that describe this problem or maybe some doctor that I can consult ? I hardly found anything from my many searches online.

Anything at all from your end would be of great great help for me. Please do reply so that I can help my mom overcome this.

Thanks so much in advance,


Reference : http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/menopause/msg1207520131887.html

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I'm noticing an artificial sweetener aftertaste in things made with sugar, like cookies.

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