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loulou16December 18, 2001

Good Morning

Is anyone out there in the world of menopause using Pro Gest?

I take Remifemin and now would like to try a progesterone cream and have read that Pro Gest is very good and very safe, and can help you sleep more soundly. I would really appreciate any information anyone would have. Thank you

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Hi Lou, I used ProGest for over a year before switching to a prescription progesterone cream. Within a few days of use I was sleeping through the night for the first time in years and hot flashes began to subside. After six months my brain fog began to clear and I was able to concentrate and read again for the first time in about 3 years. I like the texture and scent of ProGest better than other brands that I tried. I still use it ocassionally for a face moisturizer and would be using it daily if my doctor had not cooperated with a prescription for a progesterone cream. Although the prescription cream is more concentrated and I use less, the dose is the same: 20 to 25 mg. per day.

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Thanks Anifani4! I will be talking with my doctor next week and hope she will cooperate too. If not I will try the the progest cream. Did you use it 20 days on and one week off? Do most GYN's believe in this progesterone cream? I am really interested in trying it. I can't keep taking tylenol pm for sleep each night! Thank you. Lou

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I'd venture to say most gyns do not "believe" in the otc progesterone cream: evidence use of the words yam scam and other negative attitudes by the western medical profession. Dr. John Lee, the biggest proponent of natural progesterone cream, is profiting from a theory that was never proven scientifically - a no no as far as medicine is concerned. Since he is an MD, I have always been puzzled by his apparent lack of interest in proper research for his theory. Still, I gained some insight from his writing, and had a strong feeling that progesterone was what I needed. Turned out to be right, fortunately for me. But I don't believe it is the panacea that he claims.

When I started with ProGest I used 1/4 tsp twice a day for two months straight. I gradually cut back on the dose to once a day. Some months I took a 5 day break, others I felt so bad after a day or two without the progesterone that I went back on it. Now I take a 3 to 5 day break every 6 weeks or so. I can not explain how I "know" when to do it. Some inner wisdom lets me know how much to use and when to stop.

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Hi Ani and thank you.
I really want to try the cream, and will give my gyn a chance to say here is one I like, but if that does not happen, I will try Pro Gest. Can you buy that at a vitamin shop such gnc or do you have to order it. Thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it. Lou

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Individual stores may carry it. You can also order it from quite a variety of places.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search results screen for

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Dr. Lee got his information from Raymond Peat, PhD Yes it is proven every day in Dr. Lee's practice (and other sensible MDs, DOs and Naturopaths)and in women who see the common sense in the biology and research and try it on their own.

The pharmaceutical companies cannot have monopoly on natural progesterone, so synthetics is their money maker.

See a few of Dr. Peat's articles at

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