How do I verify that my new Blanco sinks are indeed Silgranit II?

mitri89January 21, 2010

My new sinks came today, and I'd like to verify that they are the Silgranit II. Is there a way to tell? Thanks!

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Were they packed in a box that said Silgranit II?

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Not that I can see. I only see Blanco on the boxes, and the labels say BlancoRondo Silgranit Bar Sink Drop-In and BlancoPrecis Silgranit Super Single Bowl Undermount. I don't see anywhere that it says II.

Does this mean they are Silgranit I?

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I understood from previous posts on this topic that the box should say Silgranit II. Furthermore, when you ordered, did you specifically order the Silgranit II, or verify with your seller that you are getting Silgrainit II? Or, if not, are your sinks priced lower than other Silgranit II sinks that are the same models? You should probably call your seller for verification, and also try calling Blanco customer service and describe the box to them and the item numbers, and they can verify whether you have Silgranit I or II.

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I was thinking I had read something about being able to tell from the box or model # too and when I didn't see anything I got suspicious. Then I noticed that one sink had a manufactured date of 30 Nov 09, so I'm thinking that might be the new? But, the round prep sink has a date of 2/11/2008, so I'm thinking that could be the old version? I don't even know when the Silgranit II came out. I did call ahead to make sure they would be Silgranit II before I ordered, though, and was assured they would be. I ordered from I sent an email to Blanco and will see what they say and then call HomePerfect if they are not the right version.

Thanks for helping.:-)

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When I asked HomePerfect they said they only carry Silgranit II now. Let us know how it turns out. (My sink is on order from them too.)

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I ordered my Blanco from not knowing about the silgranit 1 or silgranit 11. When the box came, which had shipped from Blanco manufacturer to me directly, on the outside of the box was silgranit 11. This was the fall of 2009.

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mitri, how did you like the service from homeperfect? I am thinking of getting my own silgranit from them bc of the price! How was the packaging? How long did the sinks take to arrive?


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Looks like I worried for nothing. I emailed and called Blanco to find out, talked to 2 different people and got the same information both times. I gave them model #s, and they verified that they were definitely Silgranit II. As for the older manufactured date on the prep sink, apparently Biscuit was the first color to be made out of the new material and that was in 2007. I guess the shipping box won't necessarily say Silgranit II, mine just say Blanco.

HomePerfect was great to order from. They were friendly, packaged the sinks nicely, and shipped quickly. I ordered last Friday and received them yesterday. Both sinks look to be in perfect condition, no cracks. I would order from them again.

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I purchased my sink through a reputable plumbing supply store. I purchased it based on information on the website with the model #440176 . According to the website it is Silgranite 2. However the box just says Silgranit. There is a large sticker on the box that says Blanco 511-710 (New Model 440176). Do you think that means it is a Silgranite 1. ? I will be calling Blanco on Monday.

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That thread was 3 years old.

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