feeling terrible!

noopy9December 22, 2009

I had a Sil hysterectomy end of august this year. I was having regular periods, normal ones before the op. I was in theatre for 176 minutes. I have since the op, at 6 weeks post op, found out my previously normal ovaries have shrunken away and are located low in my pelvis area. I am now feeling really weird. It's almost 4 months post op and I feel hot all the time, have CONSTANT restless leg syndrome, feel mildly dizzy sometimes, feel my heart beating really hard, having heart palpitations. What tests should I have taken to check hormones, and how do I interpret them? I'm feeling pritty weird emotionaly. like I'm not quite with it, hard to explain.

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Hi noopy9 so sorry to hear about your post op problems i too had a full hysterectomy at 30 im 46 now i have 1 ovary i started with menopausal symptoms last year ive had 3 blood tests done nd they all come back normal if this puts your mind at ease i started with mad heart palps last sept thasught i was having a heart attack ,heart disease or something went to the emergency room got am ecg, nothing wrong with my ticker was having mad palps at the time it was done then i started with full blown panic attacks , restless leg syndrome , hot flushes which have gotten much more intense in the last 3 months , went to see my doc , offered me HRT i said no thanku ill cope did loads of research on perimenopause and have tried everything i can think of to try to alleviate the symptoms the worst ones being palps ,magnesium n calcium tab lets have helped with this 1 a day, estroven 1 a day helps with flushes and sage tablets 2 a day thats about where im at at moment i know what you mean about that not with it feeling i get that almost every day total fatigue as well i just give in to it instead of trying to fight it good some days not so good some days good but the magnesium really does stop the palps but can make your bowels loose i dont care about that as long as i stop the dreaded palps hope this helps keep writing im here ok good luck

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Thanks beauty 2009. I went to the doc and got some blood drawn for every hormone possible, along with TSH to be tested. In a week I'll go back and get the results. I have been having bouts of pelvic pain, VERY similat to period, congestive, crampy sort of thing, and slightly sore nipples, not that I noticed till I felt them, and doc thinks it may be the atrophied ovaries spurting out some hormonal activity. I'll find out very soon. Must stretch!

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Hi noopy9 how ru getting on it sounds like your hitting menopause because of your surgery lovey,ive noticed a definate change in my health ive had no choice but to go on hrt because the sweats and hot flashes had gotten so severe along with the sleepless nights crampy achy legs backache mood swings dizzy bouts the list is bloody endless and not 1 single herbal remedy helped at all ive had ten days on elleste solo 1mg and i definatly feel much better than i did maybe you should ask your doc about hrt its a relief honestly i cant see the problem with up to now id rather have this quality of life than all the distress and confusion honestly hope your gonna get sorted chick its a confusing time shelly

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Yeah beauty2009 I know this. I got back my blood results and my estrogen is still reasonable, other hormones are borderline/normal. I think my thoughts are we have to really take it easy in terms of avoiding really stressful events, resting and keeping in touch with others, ie support. I hope you get plenty of relief with the meds. Goodluck and thanks. I may need meds myself in the not so distant future.

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Hi noopy9 i was great on the hrt for 3 weeks then it all started to go wrong felt very sick , sore boobys , bloated tummy and period type pains so ive been back to the doc and she has put me on a different hrt now that one was even worse ive stopped that one and am going back to see doc in mrning probably end up with another lot but i will persevere for a few more tries its better than the darned flushes which were making my life impossible i hope you manage without any meds take care ok

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beauty2009, isn't it unfair that we are put in this position at this time of our lives! This world is a cruel place! I read somewhere a few weeks ago there is a new pill out know for our low hormones that has been developed in Germany and now available that is half of the dose of HRT. Designed to be EVEN lower that HRT, but been proven in Germany to work without as much or any of those dreaded side-effects you have had. Try googling about it, it's new and it MIGHT be helpful. I don't care about sore boobs etc too much at the moment as long as the FEELINGS of not having enough hormones to tide me over when stressed is alleviated. However, if you are someone who is EXTRA sensitive to these hormone supplements, that could be a different story! You will find an answer, and I hope it it is asap. Good luck, girl! You are much stronger than I am!

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beauty2009, Recently I had a episode with being diagnosed as having thyroid trouble. I also have trouble with menopause symptoms as I have turned 50. I haven't had a period in 9 months, then I started again last month haven't had a period this month so far. My boyfriend and i aren't using any protection just the pull out method. My doctor put me on levothyroxin I'm hopeing this will help with the symptoms.

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