beauty2009December 22, 2009

Hi who out there is using Estroven and what kind of results are you having with this ive just started 4 days ago and as its so expensive am just wondering if its worth it ive tried allsorts for my hot sweats and tiredness etc

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Estroven is for the most part soy and vitamins. Soy beans have natural plant estrogen and do help with menopause symptoms.

It seems to me if you drank soy milk and took vitamin B12, Calcium and Vitamin D you would be getting just about the same benifit as the Estroven.

Soy as I said has plant estrogen, Vitamin B 12 is the stress vitamin. The Calcium and Vitamin D are for bone loss which occurs as we get older, which are by the way among the cheapest vitamins there are

When I was going through menopause I drank soy milk--the nicest tasting one I found to be chocolate-- and found it helped with hot flashes and things

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is anyone out there using elleste solo 1mg and if so what kind of results are you having ive just started 3 days ago because the hot flushes were unbearable

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I've been using the WallyWorld store brand of this product, Estroblend, for about 4 months... I'm pretty pleased with it... can't comment on the hot flashes, since I never had them very bad or often... what I've noticed is this -- before I started Estroblend, I was starting to see my skin, all over my body, was looking old & wrinkly... in the past couple of months, it's starting to look younger & tighter again... I still don't look like a 21 year old & don't expect that, but I wasn't ready to look older than my 61 years either... it's worth the $$ cost to me...

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