restless legs

noopy9December 29, 2009

Today I got some blood test results. My ferritin level was 32 with the range being 15 to 285. I am suffering restless leg syndrome all the time, often in my arms as well.I sit on my couch trying to stretch my legs all the time! I read that low ferritin can cause this. Mine is at the low end. I have placed a bar of soap under my bed sheets, which helps most of the time, but when I'm not in bed I guess I'll have to carry a block around with me! (not likely!) Is anyone else suffering with this SO much? This has all started 4 months ago after I had my uterus removed. Ovaries are now atrophied. Not having many other symptoms, except my thyroid TSH level has climbed to 3.6 Any advice? This is hell! Got stressed to the max on XMAS day and the next day got a UTI! Never got a UTI through just stress before! I get my hormone test results in a few days, so will see. The bar of soap is a method some hospitals are using with success in case readers havn't heard of it. Just need to know if any other ladies have this and how they manage. Thanks.

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Hi Noopy9 from down under! I am a new member just today. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling great! Were you prescribed Iron supplements for your low ferritin level to build your blood up. My birthday is Oct 18 also! I had a complete hysterectomy and breast removed in the same year. That was 4 years ago. I have restless leg also and anemia. When I feel that ickky feeling, I know I need Iron. I don't understand what that bar of soap is suppose to do? Just curious. I was searching for alternatives for Hot flashes and I ran into to you. You are not alone. I really do hope we can find some relief (smile Libra) Peace Sylvia

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Hi Sylvia,
NO, I wasn't advised or prescribed iron. This is twice in 4 months I've had low ferritin diagnosed. The first time 8 weeks ago I was ev en lower levels, but these two doctors never thought anything of it. I never seem to meet good doctors, and over here there are very few of them! Maybe it is physosomatic that the bar of soap works, who knows? It does work, as long as I'm in bed. I will get some iron tabs in the next couple of days and try to remedy this. Thanks.

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