elleste solo

beauty2009December 31, 2009

hi anyone out there using elleste solo ive just started 3 days ago due to unbearable hot flashes im finding its helping enormously already but would be intersted in anybody elses opinion if your using this drug long term

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hi everybody well ive been on the estelle solo for 6 days now and i am wondering why i didnt do this 14 months ago i feel great only a handfull of flashes during the day not tired like i was aches and pains subsided i dont think i will be going back now i feel sooooo much better than i did im controlling my leaky bladder better i feel my depressed mood lifting the headaches have gone i am as my doctor said i would be pleasantly surprised i feel like me again does anybody else feel this way after starting this hrt

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That is good news Beauty. I am happy for you and hope it continues!
Good Luck, Lori

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