Continuous estrogen and progesterone

Submariner51December 8, 2001

Hi, my first posting. I have been using natural progesterone cream with mixed results, no period now for 57 days, started hot flushes a month ago, horrible. I saw a new doc who wants me to take tri estrogen mix and progesterone in a natural form via a troche. He said I should just take these everyday - no period again. I thought it was a good idea to continue to bleed, just to be sure that all was OK

comments please?

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HI There,

I was taking the pill for years, and of course that is lots of estrogen and progesterone. I stopped and had my levels measure in June (2001). Since stopping I have had no periods. I chose to go on HRT becaue of the flashes, and it has all settled down. I am now upping the dose of estrogen because of extreme vaginal dryness(which is normal). I don't think that it is necessarily a good thing to continue to bleed....I sure don't miss it! Listen to this list. There is lots of collective wisdom here. Please excuse the horrible spelling mistakes. This program just won't let me edit them

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The question is one of uterine lining growth. The idea of cycling is that you prevent the lining from building up endlessly to the point where it can become carcinogenic. For many, however, taking the combo continuously suppresses uterine lining growth enough that it's not a problem.

If you otherwise like the idea of what your doctor is proposing, you can try it for awhile and then have your uterine thickness measured. That would give you an indication as to whether continuous-dosing is okay for you or whether you might need to cycle.

Also, an intermediate sort of plan that some women use is to cycle only every three months or so. You might discuss these options with your doctor, and ask how he routinely monitors his patients on this regimen.

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