Losing your hair (along with your mind)

zoewolfNovember 11, 2007

I seem to be losing my hair. Initially I thought that I was just being paranoid (my mother developed alopecia when she was 45 yrs. old and still had it when she died 10 years later).

I don't think that's what is wrong with me (although I have always worried that someday it would happen). Hers fell out in clumps rather quickly -- I think. I was only 5 yrs old at the time, so it's all rather sketchy.

I understand that with menopause your hair starts to thin out. I really can't afford anymore hair thinning/loss. I have recently begun taking vitamins especially for Hair, Skin and Nails -- 3 times a day. I just want it to stop where it is now.

Has anybody experienced anything similar to this?????

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Mine is pretty thin as well. More so in the last 6 months to a year I am 53. My moms was thin most of her adult life. So I think I am just following suit. If it isnt alopecia then you can use womens rogaine to stop it where it is. But when you stop using it it starts again. I am interested in anything new. Does anyone out there know something wonderful? I alternate thickening shampoos, but they arent great to use everyday Estrogen definately affects it. Let us know. Shotzy

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I haven't had a problem with losing hair, but it's always been thin. A few months ago, I was getting my hair highlighted and cut, and my hairdresser commented that I had lots of new hair coming in. For about 1 1/2 years now, I have been taking high quality vitamins and I take DHEA as recommended by my gyn because my level was so low. One of the side effects of DHEA can be an increase in facial hair. I haven't noticed having a hairy face yet, but I do have more "fine fuzz" on my face for the past few months. I wonder if that is what is causing it. Fortunately, it is light colored and doesn't look like a mustache (sorry, I know I spelled it wrong). Anyway, I have more hair on my head now, and fine fuzz on my face, and I think that's what is causing it. Maybe it's the vitamins, but I don't know for sure. Some women, after menopause, get facial hair because they higher androgen hormone levels. It differs from woman to woman, though.
Mrs H

PS- I think my mind is lost beyond the point of retrieval, lol.

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I've found some "fine fuzz" on my face as well. There's also this one ornery hair on my chin that grows longer than the rest. The mind's a lost cause.

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I am 50 yrs old, I started "losing" my hair about 6 years ago. Prior to that I had VERY thick hair. Not anymore ...lol I have been using some awesome vitamins and an organic shampoo that has Rosemary in it which I read is suppose to help with scalp circulation an stimulate the roots. I am not longer losing hair, but I've yet to see it thicken. Anyone else with similar results?

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i have always had very thick,waist length hair til about a year ago[52].i have lost probably one third of my hair and it has shrunk!!!it is about 3 inches shorter than it used to be and i haven't done anything different than ever did.it won't grow now.i hate it.the hair on my chin grows quite nicely though.this old age sh** sucks.

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.i hate it.the hair on my chin grows quite nicely though.this old age sh** sucks.

Hehe, I had to laugh out loud at that one. I haven't found much about aging to be an improvement except that it has spurred me to some introspection and re-evaluating that I desperately needed.
But, the wrinkles, oh my God! When I was young, I could never understand why a woman would want to get a face lift, lol.
Mrs H

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I have very fine hair, no body, and now it's getting thin, especially around my forehead an temples. If I wear a pony tail, there's only about a half-inch circle of hair in the band.

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My hair has always been fine, but I had a lot of it. Now it is very thin, my pink scalp is very noticeable. It runs in our family and nothing you can really do about it. I would worry about how many vitamins you are taking though. My older sister has worn wigs for several years now, but I am not going that route, unless I go completely bald on top. I didn't even like head scarves, I certainly wouldn't like a wig.

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With me, its not so much losing or thinning hair on my head, its the hair EVERYwhere else. I never have to shave my legs or pluck my eyebrows anymore. I did my underarms in August, and there is hardly anything there. It just does not grow at all. I have one spikey hair that grows on the knuckle of my middle finger...thats a bit weird, it hurts when I pluck it out too.
I guess its not so bad for me as it is for all you ladies with the thinning head hair. Thats not good at all.
As to the mind? Forget it..i dont know how many times I walk downstairs to the basement and dont know what I am doing there or what I came down for.
Whats more disturbing to me is when I find I havent done something that I normally do everyday, and I was absolutely sure I had. Old age does not come alone, does it.

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Thanks, I needed the chuckle this evening. I too have a small amount of hair everywhere!!!!! I would like to say I have worn it all off in a few places, but sadly that isnt true........ I have to say I like the knuckle story!

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this is a great forum!!!it makes me laugh when i feel like crying.

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Mrs H,i don't have a bad problem with wrinkles on my face because i'm fat.i bet if i lost 50 lbs.my face would look like a bearded prune.so i guess i'll just stay plump as always;hey,now there's a positive for it anyway.i've been trying to lose a few lbs.all my life.i'm settling with it now.LOL

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Hair on the chin.
O.K. Got some of that.
The real hit is when they start to come in white!!!
As in gray in the head isn't enough. I'm afraid to look lower................

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Whoa, chin hair? This is not something that I had anticipated happening. I am 53 and perimenopausal. Is the chin hair something I should be looking forward to? At what age does it usually strike?

Talk about "kicking you while your down". Obviously females were not supposed to live past 50 thousands of years ago. Maybe even hundreds of years ago.

OMG, "Of all the things that I have lost, I miss my mind the most." Ozzy Osborne

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You gotta love Ozzy being quoted on the menopause forum. :)

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This site is a scream!!! I not only have a moustache but now I am getting a shadow above my lip. Help!!! I know it is a hormone imbalance but how do we get these hormones balanced naturally?

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I've had fine thin straight hair on my head all my life. But had really thick not fine hair everywhere else (legs, face etc.) I've been doing electrolysis fairly regularly on my face since my 20s (now 51). Now that I'm peri almost in meno I notice not only my hair on my head thinning is in less of it, but I notice that the hair itself is often really thin in diameter. Say 5 hairs in my hand, some will be "normal" diameter, others are long but barely there in diameter. Great.
On top of that my eyebrow hair is doing the old man thing. No thinning there! I now have to try to remember to trim my eyebrows. This just isn't right!

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Johannabanana said ".... but now I am getting a shadow above my lip"

I wondered about that discoloration above my upper lip. It's a Rhett Butler mustache that can't be removed! LOL
I like to stroke it when I'm looking in the mirror and raise my eyebrow like Rhett and say stuff like "Frankly Myself I don't give a dam....."

Anyhoo...hair loss I wondered about why I had handfuls everytime I brushed my hair. I thought about not brushing my hair and sometimes that works. :) But at some point it needs to be brushed and I pay with twice the amount in my hand. I wonder if superglue would work? Washing my hair in the bathtub becomes quite the ordeal. Sheesh it's like taking a bath in seaweed!! HELP HELP!! ATTACK OF THE HAIRWEEDS! It gets tangled around me and I especially hate it on my hands. EWWW it's touching me!!

I know about that fine furr jaws. Nice...when the sunlight hits it, it sparkles. Very pretty....on a troll that is!! pfft!
The one recurring dark hair on my chin is a mole (I like to pretend) and we call those "fast hairs". They come out of nowhere...but I'm onto it and either I touch my face a lot or I just get a premonition that it's sneaking out. HA! GOTTCHA YOU LITTLE &$# (I also wondered why I was forgetting what I was doing. It's like my mind moves faster than what I'm doing and I'm onto the next thing (in my mind) before I finished the first thing (with my body)and then can't remember what the first thing is (in my mind) as I stand there in the basement...wondering (it's always the basement isn't it?) Then as I trudge up the basement stairs planning on going onto the next thing that made me forget the first thing, I forget the next thing and at the top of the stairs (it's always the top) I remember what I was going to do in the basement....I must say it's darned good exercise though!
I also forget that last important word in the sentence. The word that kind of makes sense of the whole sentence. My family fills in the blanks for me thank goodness. I hate it when I stand there struggling and the other person doesn't tell me what I was going to say!! LOL "YOU'RE MEAN!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FILL IN MY SENTENCES FOR ME!!!" My Mom says what she does is say "blah blah blah" LOL It's just easier. It's also easy to repeat what others just said in a conversation instead of coming up with new words. My husband does it too then we do it back and forth for a few minutes...laughing like crazy.

Nice to meet everyone here. Thanks for the giggle. And I'm so glad I'm not alone with this crazy stuff. As I read through all the threads I laughed and sometimes cried at the poignancy of the pain. I know I babbled on but I'm seriously giddy with relief that I'm not abnormal...(in this anyways) LOL

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