Sleeping with vivid dreams

QinzNovember 30, 2001

I guess I do not have sleepless nights as most women do. My problem is that, all night long,I have dreams so vivid I can recall all the details. Sometimes I oversleep-10 hrs, but wake up still tired. My brain simply does not rest up at night! How can I solve this problem?

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I wish I knew, this has been going on with me now for months. They aren't nightmares, but are usually action packed, so I wake up tired. I am going to try changing my nightly habits and see if it helps.

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If you have not already tried it, eliminate all caffeine. Look at your general health habits: exercise,diet, and stress factors; try to improve in those areas if necessary. Keep a dream journal,ie, write down your dreams; over time you may see a pattern that will give you a clue about what is causing your problem. I went through a time of vivid dreams and unrestful sleep. It was upsetting to me because the dreams were so "real". They stopped after I had been using Progest for a few weeks, but I had also been writing down and talking about the dreams with a friend. We looked for symbolism and meaning in the dreams that recurred.

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I notice the same thing. Very vivid dreams, intermittently. The vivid dreams usually occur when I'm in one of my insomnia phases. When I do sleep, the dreams are noticibly colorful and very easy to remember.

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