Should I be worried?

candycaneNovember 13, 2007

Lately started having indigestion/nausea almost daily. But most scary is waking up in night with the above along with sometimes heart racing/anxiety/sweats/and a very strange feeling like going to pass out. Does anyone out there have symtoms like this?

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If I had one suggestion to offer, it would be to really get a hold of your sugar intake. I found that when I changed my way of eating (avoiding white rice, potatoes, sugar) it really helped. At times it still happens, but only if I've gone off my regular way of eating. Funny seems to happen when I've eaten beef also. Maybe my body is not used to meat and it takes so much to break it down.

So check what it is your eating. Also, make sure to get some exercise every day, it does wonders for you.

So many symptoms of menopause..

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When I eat meat, I get more anxious than normal.

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candycane, sorry to hear about your symptoms.

I'm perimenopausal, and my periods have gotten all goofy in the last six months -- heavy, skipping, now mostly irregular and light. I used to have terrible cramps with my period, but no more. The last two times I got my period, instead of cramps I had lots of nausea and intestinal upset -- bloating and g-a-s. It was only after feeling awful for two days in a row that I finally got a very light period. It sure had me confused -- I was horrified I might be mutating into a giant blimp! The nonstop nausea really made it hard to function, ugh!

I need to get serious about my diet and exercise. I know it would make me feel a whole lot better. Hmm, perhaps this topic would be worthy of its own thread. I'm sure others could use some support, too, esp. as we head into the holidays.


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