should I continue with him

jackrosemary29July 28, 2011

I don't like this feeling when I dought my honey cheating on me, but he lives in a different state. I can't 100% sure.

I left my husband for this online guy, the relationship was on and off. I have not move in with him. this guy live in a different state. came to visit me once and he disconnect his phone by puting something untherneath of the baterry. I found out turn on the phone try to read the message, but couldn't because he force me to get the phone back and broke the phone. before I discover the way he disconnect the phone. he always have the phone with him. that's why I dought and discover it.

I told him, he said i am over here, and he is over there. when ever i am ready to move in with him, he will cut everything. I am very upset. but deep down i care for him so much. I just don't know what to do. I am 42yrs old now.

After the incident happend, he say sorry and care for me more, and I can feel that he's sorry but when he get back home, I have a feeling he still connect with the other person. I am very sad and don't know what to do. please help.

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I really am not sure what you're saying; can't understand much of what you've written. But it sounds like you've made some bad decisions (left your marriage for someone you "met" online, he has visited you once???, etc.).

Your question is whether you should continue with him. Only you can decide whether you should do that. You already said that you doubt him. That means you don't trust him. I couldn't be with someone I don't trust.

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It sounds like you should spend some time alone, working on yourself and what kind of person you hope to be. Right now you are putting all your energy into chaos. Maybe volunteer at a womens shelter to gain some perspective.

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I suspect this is another drive-by.

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Gosh, I hope so suzieque.

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