death in my family

maryjo24November 25, 2006

Hi gals, I'm going thru all the perimenopause crap right with you all. To make things almost unbearable my son (age 25) died on 11/16/06 in a car accident. So now I not only have hair growing in weird places on my body, mood swings, I'm tired all the time, I look old, hot flashes, my body aches....and now my heart is broken. I'd go thru all the crazy stuff of menopause & not utter a word, just to have my son back even for 1 day. I think my new take on life is, all the things I thought were big deals really aren't. They really aren't! Hug your family today for me, will you gals?

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Oh maryjo..........I don't know what to say. I can't imagine the hell you are going through. I think that's something that all parents fear as the worst thing that could ever happen.
I'm just speechless. I can't imagine the agony and loss.

It really does put everything in perspective, doesn't it? Perimenopausal symptoms mean absolutely nothing, in comparison.
I wish there were some way I could comfort you. I'm just so very sorry for your loss. Try to hold on to the love of those around you. And somehow believe that you will see him again. Talk to him now. He's probably right there with you.
My 17 year old son just walked in, and I hugged him soooo hard. I will remember what you've said Maryjo, and keep everything in perspective.
I will be thinking of you Maryjo, and sending comforting thoughts and hugs your way for a very long time.

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How are you doing Maryjo?
I'm thinking of you.

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Maryjo - I am so sorry. It's a parents worst nightmare, my heart aches for you.
Keeping you in my thought and prayers and will light a special candle for your son.


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maryjo..maybe a good time to visit the gp or can't medicate your feelings (although some try) but sure time to see what else s/he can offer for all the other stuff...

you didn't mention dh...if he's in the picture haul him with you...

just by posting you've made a huge step. (((((hugs to the entire family)))))

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((((((hugs)))))), I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. I'm sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!!!

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Thank you girls for all the hugs, prayers & well wishes. I am doing ok. I'm taking hour by hour now. My hubby, on the other hand is not doing as well as me. Please keep thinking good thoughts for us. Thank you so much!

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Good thoughts coming your way Maryjo. Give your husband a hug for us too.

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