My husband doesn't have the desire for sex or quality time.

mcabiz40July 29, 2013

We have been married for one year and it seem that shortly after the wedding my husband lost the desire to have sex and refuse to spend quality time with me. When I ask for sex or for him to spend a little time with me on his day off of work he always say that he has important stuff to do like cut grass, fix something in the house, watch something on TV or he's tired. He never touch me, not even in a playful manner. And when he comes home from work he does not come right in the house to say hello to me, he finds something to do out side like yard work or something. I really don't understand, any advice anyone?

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My advice is for you to ask him about it. Have you sat down with him and had that serious discussion with him?

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Is it possible there is someone else in the picture?

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Sigh. Apparently another drive-by.

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Never underestimate the power of this site as a venting device!

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