Woman comes home and yells...

scarlett2001July 2, 2012

"Pack your bags! Pack your bags! I just won the lottery!!!"

Husband dances around ecstatically for a few minutes... then he says, "Great! Wonderful! But shall I pack for the tropics, for ski country, where?"

"I don't CARE", carols the wife, "just pack your bags, and get the hell out."

(One of MY favorite fantasies.)

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I'm thinking if a guy posted this type of message, he'd catch a lot of flack for it....just saying...

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Just trying to lighten the mood here a little. It gets kind of stuffy at times!

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Stuffy, you gotta be kidding. This place is a real downer. I don't think it is a mentally healthy place to spend a lot of time. I had rather commune with nature in the park. then I would come home relaxed and ready to face the day instead of being hyped up all the time.

Now did that lighten the place up a bit?

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