ColdsN Flu in perimenopause

peri2008November 19, 2008

I am scared to death,.. I think I am perimenopausal since FEB, I have a cold/ flu.. I am scared of all meds. Do you have to treat a cold and flu different now that perimenopause is here, I dunno what to do. Scared to make a move. Thank you !

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Hi peri,
I seemed much more vulnerable to all sorts of colds and flus during perimenopause. All you can do is to try to do all the healthy nutritiously, take a multivitamin, cut back on sugar, exercise a little, drink tons of water, get some sunshine, etc. I'm terrified of meds too, but I'm learning to be a little less scared. Are there certain meds that you feel like you need to take now, but are afraid to?

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