How You Met?

lovetogardenJuly 15, 2002

I hear it all the time, when you meet the right person you'll know! Well, I've been waiting a long, long, time and I still haven't felt that way. Yesterday, I met a young girl who has been dating a nice boy for about 2 months. She told me that the minute she met him she knew she was going to marry him. I asked her if she was being a little too optimistic in light of the fact that she barely knew him. She breathlessly responded, "Oh, no! I just know that we'll be married one day." She couldn't really explain how she knew, but she was adamant that he was 'the one'. After explaining to me how she met, which was actually a mixed-up blind date, I kind of got the feeling that maybe she was on to something - it certainly sounded like Kismet to me, too!

What I'd like to know is did you feel the same way when you met your other half? Just for fun, I'd love to hear how you met and how you knew that this one was going to be the love of your life. Any weird coincidences, (or kismet,) like my friend experienced? After hearing your stories maybe I'll come to the conclusion that there is there still hope for me yet??? LOL!!!

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My car brought us together -- my best friend worked in a chiropractic office at the time and had, on a few occasions, told me i just HAD to see this patient, said he was tall and slim and looked like singer/songwriter Michael McDonald (who i just happened to find very yummy) and was a self-employed mechanic.....but i thought, a red-necked mechanic? no thanks, i'll keep going the dealer route...

Months later i was finally fed up with dealer repairs swearing never to go to one again - and desperate to have my car looked at. Once again she said, call this guy! so i gave in and did. Living 7 minutes from my place of employment at the time, he said he'd come down, get the car, check it out and have it back to me by quittin' time. Cool deal! We hung up and watching for him, i went out to greet him in person and hand over the keys when he i walked around the corner of the building, he was approaching and as soon as i looked into those honey-colored eyes, my whole world was like i'd been hit with a sledgehammer only instead of falling down i fell in love and when my brain cleared, all i remember thinking was, manoman am i in trouble...

He couldn't find anything wrong with the car and didn't charge me -- that was June and i thought about him constantly so that by October i had decided my car needed an oil change because of course it couldn't need a repair before then ...we really hit it off but nothing happened and i thought oh dwell....then a few days later, the car at 5 years of age apparently knew something i didn't and began to require replacement of those parts that start goin' when a vehicle is around 4-5 years old...of course i called my favorite mechanic.

The next week it was a different part...and the week after that it was another part and then another and by this time it was a few days before my november birthday and i remember thinking, well this is it, he said everything that usually needs replacing at this time frame has been replaced and the car will mostly likely go another few years before anything major but i don't want this to be the end! i can't wait for another oil change! do i have the nerve to ask him out? I didn't have to, he finally asked to take me out for my birthday, and it's been forever after ever since.

Also, he informed me that he became 'turned on' during our initial phone call and couldn't wait to meet me, and that when we met, it may have been a sledgehammer that hit me, but for him it was a bolt of lightning and that the time between the first call and the oil change seemed like forever ;o)

Friends teased me so much saying he 'fixed' the car so it'd need repairs, that i asked him and he somewhat guiltily admitted to thinking about for the first time in his career but he's never done anything like that before and as it turned out he didn't have to be tempted as the car cooperated quite nicely all by itself anyway ...i've no longer got that car, bought a pickup 2 years into our relationship because i knew he'd always be around to take care of it and i'm hoping to have it forever ...and 10 1/2 years later (5 1/2 married) i'm STILL in trouble LOL!

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i was transferred to mich., 18 yrs ago. and due to a mixup in the apartment i was supposed to stay at, i met the woman that would become my wife. if not for the mixup we would never have met.

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I met my wonderful husband on the internet......we talked alot about anything from a-z.....
we became such good friends.......had a chat room party in Loiusville,KY.......about 20 of us from all over the states.
had a super time....we talked for a very long time...we say we learned to love each other from the inside out/not the outside in....have known each other 7 years and married almost 2 years

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I love telling this story. It almost, but not quite, makes me beleive in fate.

I was going to college during the day and working at night at one of those bars with a rock band 7 nights a weeks. A rather wild place, I admit. Funnest job I ever had. We had a house band that played every Sunday and Monday, the days most bands take off. They also played a full week here and there. He was newly divorced and took a part time job selling water beds to make ends meet. His shift overlapped Gene's shift and they became freinds. Gene played keyboard for our house band.

He became a regular and we knew each other for about a year and were fairly good friends before he asked me out. I found out that we had gone to the same high school but we never met as he is a couple years younger than I am. Hey, I thought he was older. How many 22 year old guys own a house, a nice truck and a are already divorced? He certianly ACTS older than I do.

By the end of the first month I was head over heals. We were engaged by month 3.

When I brought him with me to meet my parents my mom recognised his name and asked if his mom was "C". She is. Turns out we had met before. For 2 years, my mom and his led a girl scout troop together. They often brought their babies with them and we played in the play pen together while they had their scout meetings. My mom had to quit when she got pregnent again, but evidently he and I remembered each other on some level, eh?

I had thought I was in love a couple of other times before, but with DH, it was completely different. There was absolutely no doubts or hesitation. I was absolutely sure.


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I was in Greece on holiday with girl-friends and we met a group of boys and we all stayed together as a group for the week, then we said 'bye', it was all very casual and none of us fancied each other.
The next few months I was busy getting ready to go to University and when I got there the first person I saw was one of the boys! We had lunch together and then studied together and we never really separated again after that.

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My DH & I were blind dates set up by his cousin who married a friend of mine. We hit it off right away and two weeks after meeting he proposed to me. We were engaged a year before marriage. We celebrated our 26th anniversary this past May.

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My fiance and I were both enrolled in the Wildlife Biology program at the University where we now both work....we had classes together and were both involved in the student chapter of TWS. At one of the club meetings they were announcing who was voted in as chairpeople....they announced "Blinky" (his nickname at the time) as the new VP, and I looked around and said "BLINKY??? who the H*ll is Blinky, he's not even here!??" (I was a nominee as well)....later, I found out who he was by being in a class with him....he eventually asked me out. I said to myself 'why not' even though he didn't APPEAR to be my type at the time, something just made me feel natural about the whole thing. Then our class went on a trip out of state and he and I got to know each other, we had a blast. When we got back from the trip we went out and the rest is history. He and I were the star students, two of the VERY few students who did major field projects.
We soon discovered that he and I were born ON THE SAME DAY and SAME YEAR! (3/2/75) AND our mothers have the same birthday! LOLOL

We've been together ever since, from March 1996 to now. We just bought a house in February and are loving it!

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My mom knew first. When I was in grade 12 I started dating a boy from my class. When I told my mom about him, she said, that's the boy you told me about in grade 9, the one who sat across from you and you said he had eyes that laughed at you across the classroom. Well, we dated for 5 years and have been married now for 30 years in September. His eys still laugh at me across the room!

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My husband was actually introduced to me by my boyfriend (at the time). They were going on a road trip over summer vacation between college semesters, and when I saw him leaning against his car waiting for my boyfriend, I thought, hmmm, he's pretty handsome. We met again later after school started up, when unbeknownst to us,we had signed up for the same piano class. Well, he sort of made me realize that guys could really be sweet and cute, and I eventually broke up with my boyfriend and the next summer, me and Bill were engaged!

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First and only blind date. My best friend who lived across the street from him set us up and then later tried to take him away. Guess she figured she was a fool to have given him to me. Luckily, she didn't get him from me. :))
I still like her. I can't blame her for wanting him.

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My husband and I met when I was working part -time at a department store while in college. It just so happened that I worked in the Men's department that was near the store's food hall. He worked in the kitchen making the food for the food hall and had to pass through the Men's Department to get to the food hall. He noticed me working there and told a co-worker that I was the type of girl you marry. The co-worker had a big mouth and told me about his comment. We went out for our first date and after that I was hooked and so was he. We dated for several years and broke up but 3 years ago we found our way back to each other. Then fate steped in and he ended up working at the same hospital where I currently work. After a year of working at the same hospital we finally got married in Dec. of 2002. I guess we were meant to be. :-)

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I went bowling with my fiance. When we got to the alley, the guy behind the counter (who we knew) asked my fiance if he wanted to join a men's league. He said he did and the counter guy pointed to B and said, go bowl with him. Well, B was a better bowler than my fiance and so after a few weeks I said "whoever gets a strike gets a kiss." That wasn't bad but my fiance didn't care. That told me that I was not ready to be married to this guy. After the 3 of us hung out for months, I broke up with the fiance and started dating B. That was May, I was engaged by July and got my ring in October. We were married in February and this Feb will be 16 years. I can honestly said it wasn't love at 1st sight and I didn't break up with fiance to date B but meeting B made me realize that the fiance wasn't who I wanted to marry.

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