Monthly Swings...No Period?!

DaphneNovember 13, 2001

Hi Ladies,

Have any of you noticed that when you stopped having periods that you still had monthly bloating and mood swings (particularly tears?). I didn't expect this???

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I have that, and lots of cramps and bloating. Then, I will get hit with a period out of the blue.

My cramps make my body from the uterus over and down feel like it is going to break from the pain and pressure.

Then after a months to up to 4 months, I get hit with either a glut of blood and mucous or a few dribbles.

Ain't it a joy?

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I am 58. Stopped at 50. Did HRT for 5 years due to mood swings, sleep disturbed and some mild flushes. My own request due to 2 small lumps and 2 cysts in my one breast which most probably had nothing to do with the HRT but I felt better stopping. I eased off of it over 3 months during which I did one month every other day then next month every 3rd day and so on. Have been fine since stopping. I have been aware of a "pms" situation every so often. Mostly moods and then most recently some night sweats that I checked out with my primary doctor to be nothing else. I decided after a friend told me it helped her, to start using Healthy Women Soy. It is a natural soy and not a chemical. Takes a few weeks for it to help and I am into my second week. Nothing yet but understand it will just help minimize the flushes and is a plant form of estrogen sooooooooooooooooo. I think we have to realize that our hormones don't just stop but slowly decrease and sometimes give spert of it like a faulty faucet. These "pms" moments are just that. Short in duration, a time to be patient with myself and the next day ...back to my normal. NO PERIODS. Worth it all.

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