Menopause without exogenous hormones.

Leigh_KNovember 27, 2001

The McDonald's lawsuit was hardly frivolous. The woman in question suffered third degree burns. The fact that the burns were on her thighs was fortunate for her. Had they been in her mouth instead, she might have died. McDonald's had had numerous complaints about the excessive temperature of their coffee. Since no one can drink a beverage that's at 180 degrees serving one at that temperature represents reckless disregard for public safety. That's what they were sued for. The woman received only enough money to pay her medical bills. The pain and suffering portion of the award was set reduced to almost nothing. The misrepresentations of this case have entered the realm of urban legend. If you're going talk about events it's wise to check the facts and report them accurately.

The point about alternative remedies is that by law they may make no claims regarding efficacy and safety so they have nothing to substantiate. The drug didn't "work?" Since there was no implicit promise made that it would "work" and since in this context "work(s)" isn't defined and can't be defined, it's impossible to prove the elements which would provide grounds for a civil suit. There is no way to prove that a manufacturer didn't deliver on its promise when no promise was made.

I just realized that the subject I typed in is totally absurd. So I'm going to post this twice. Once here as a response to you, and again under the correct heading menopause without exogenous hormones.

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