LillieNovember 27, 2001

anyone have any experience with this hrt?

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Each person reacts differently to each HRT. Some peoople get along fine with Ortho-Prefest but I had a horrible time with Ortho-Prefest. I had constant light bleeding, irritability, cramps, felt horrible.
I have been on FemHRT since February 2001. No periods now.
I am 48, so it is about time. Been on some kind of hormones
for l0 years now. FemHRT is a low dose hormone and I am doing very well.
Good luck. Give it a try and if in 4 months it doesn't work out tell the doctor to put you on something else.

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Same for me....terrible terrible time on Ortho Prefest......jittery, cold, eyes bothered me. It even affected my thyroid Changed to FemHRT last year and was fine. This is not to say it will happen to you. Some women do very, very well on it. Give it a try. If it doesn't work, you can always change. Good Luck. Lou

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