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bbstxJanuary 5, 2014

In a prior thread, I asked for help in choosing sconces for the foyer in the new house and how high they should be mounted. As you can see from the linked thread, we had a lovely chat about the sconces, but the question of height never got addressed.

After a little searching of the web, I had the electrician mount the junction boxes 60" above the floor. Today, a friend called to tell me she had walked through the house and she thought the sconces were going to be too low.

Sheetrock is being floated this week. Now is the time for me to correct this problem, if it is a problem. The electrician and I held one of the sconces up to the wall. We thought it looked fine, but it was at the stud stage and I'm not sure that really gave me an accurate reading on the matter.

The ceilings are 12 feet tall. I chose the mirrored Horchow sconce which is about 24" tall. The chest that will be under the sconces is 36" high.

What do y'all think? Should I have the junction boxes moved or are they ok where they are?

Here is a link that might be useful: prior thread about sconces

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The bottoms of my sconces are 70" from the floor. I have 12 hardwired sconces in my house and the ceilings in the rooms they are located are from 8' and up to 20'. While I love my sconces and the wonderful light they give, the only problem with them is that one cannot arrange tall furniture on the walls where the sconces are.

What I would suggest you do is draw a rough sketch to scale of a 12' tall wall with a sconce halfway up the wall. My impression is that they should be slightly higher for good proportion.

Consulting a lighting specialist early IMO is a good way to avoid costly lighting mistakes.

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You want to position the sconces so they are just high enough that you cannot see the light bulb. That depends on the style of the sconce. Some sconces only shine up, some have shades and shine down, so it depends.

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Mine are 5' from the floor (to bottom of sconce) and my foyer is cathedral 2-story. It is new construction condo complex and the builder's electrician did them all this way.

For what its worth, when I first saw the sconce location that they had, I was totally perplexed how the furniture & accessories would set up. It seemed totally ridiculous. But as I got going adding my stuff, it actually made sense.

It seems a good height for ease of changing lightbulbs too.

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The base of my sconces are 60" from the floor as well. Our ceilings are 8'. The previous owner installed sconces and this is what she did. My sconces are 14" tall, so the top of my sconce is 74" from the floor.

Hope this helps!

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My sconces are 15 inches tall. The bottom of the sconces are 58 inches from the floor. The ceiling height is 9-1/2 feet.

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I totally forgot about the nifty app Horchow has to put their things in your rooms. Below is a picture of similar sconces (not the ones I've bought but close in size and weight). Using the lamp that I've blotted out of the picture, I scaled the sconces to what I believe is appx their correct size.

This is more or less the same set up that I will have in the new house. Same etchings and same chest. What do you think?

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So what is that measurement? Hard to tell from the photo without seeing the ceiling, but I think they look a little tall. or perhaps it's just the oddness of the mock-up.

I measured mine. they are 64" to the middle of the junction box. My ceilings in this area are 9' to 12'.

These are 7 years old. Looking back, I realize that the lighting guy should have suggested I get something larger.

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In my oh-so-crude mock-up, the center of the backplate is at what I guess to be 60" from the floor. The total height of the sconce is what I think would be 24" but it looks a little larger to me. I measured the lamp. From the tabletop to the middle of the shade is 24".

I have attached another photograph with a large white diamond about the height and location of ONE of the sconces. (The SnapShop app isn't hard, but it can be a little finicky. I didn't think I could make the sconces small enough to have a useful photo). I think the sconce will actually go from the middle of the lower picture to the middle of the upper one.

I estimate the light bulb in the sconce will be about where the top of the lamp shade is in this picture. The lamp will not be there, but the chest and the etchings will be.

So, what do y'all think now? Too low? High enough? Too high?

This is the foyer of my old house and shows a 12' ceiling.

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I am now seeing the sconce bases on your original mock-up, lol. I didn't see them earlier. Must have been a glare on my computer screen. I think they will look good at that height.

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