menopause? I need some help.

KathiJoNovember 25, 2001

Ok, first of all, I have cried all day long, and now have a terrific headache from that. I am wondering if I am going thru menopause. I am 45, but my mother and her mother and all of her sisters went thru it in their 30's. Anyway, I was tested last year to see if I was premenopausal and was not. But now, I seem to be having symptoms that scares me, I dont know if its menopause or if its something worse. I am always hot, like even today, was very cold outside, but yet I had the air conditioning on. I have had a headache, my periods have always been anywhere from 24 to 28 days apart. but now I have one when I just had one 14 days ago. And normally my cycle is only for couple days, this time its 5 days and still going. Can someone please help me understand maybe what is going on? I have dr. appt for a pap test on tuesday, but I wont be able to have the pap. I also am very scared of doctors, and about go spastic when I have to go. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, how do they tell from a blood test if you are going thru menopause? And is this all they check for? Thanks so much. Have a good day everyone.

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Sounds like you are getting there and the hormones are in shut down mode. The bleeding again at 14 days probably means you did not ovulate this month therefore no progesterone is being made so the body thinks it is time for another period. Being hot all the time is a symptom of low hormones also. I would call and reschedule the pap appointment unless you just want to talk with the dr. Any amount of blood and they told me last year they don't get a good reading. I too had started to spot on the day I went in for the test. About the only test the dr. will do is a FSH, which tells them if the brain is increasing the chemical to tell the body to produce more hormone. I think this takes a few months to catch up to the body so it may or may not be elevated yet. I have found that reading symptoms and then comparing them to what I have been experiencing is more reliable. REad all you can, on the net and from books in the library or bookstore. Knowledge is powerful and will help you through this. I have 8 years on you and am still learning every day. The posts on this forum contain a lot of information also. Just be aware that everyone has an opinion which is freely given and worth all you pay for it so buyer beware.

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Kathijo, yep, sounds like you're in "perimenopause"...premeno. I've been going through this for 2-3 years; I'm 43 but early menopause runs in my family. My periods have been erratic for over two years, very irregular and often heavier than they used to be. I sometimes feel like I'm in PMS mode all month long, yuck. Can't sleep (its 3:30 am & I've been up for two hours), feel like a puffy baby whale, and oh yeah, get those crying jags too. I'm not feeling hot, but I do get night sweats at times...geez the list goes on!

I haven't had any tests, but I did go on the pill (Loestrin) a few months ago and it has helped somewhat. I'm looking more towards herbal & dietary/lifestyle changes rather than HRT as symptoms warrant, though. There are a ton of books, just go browse your local bookstore. And the link below is very informative too.

I'm not scared of doctors (I'm married to one!) but I have to be practically at death's door before I'll go. I don't have a regular doctor; I just go to Planned Parenthood for my annual pap. If you're anxious about it, perhaps PP or a "well woman" type clinic would make you more relaxed?

As Joan says, reschedule your pap; they can't get a good reading if you are bleeding. Take care of yourself!


Here is a link that might be useful: Power-surge

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