The never-ending adjustment of the thermostat

downsouthJune 1, 2003

Okay, after 36 years of marriage, you would think a couple would have all the arguing over with by now. This would be a minor argument if it didn't happen everytime it's time to turn on the air conditioner. DH says I freeze him to death. What he likes to keep the thermostat set at would probably be 77-78 and I'm uncomfortable at 78 when it's hot in the house. At 76, he is way too cold and he said tonight I was giving him a sore throat from him being too cold - set at 76. He even put a jacket on last week and we live in Georgia. This is not a cold climate area.

We are like two little kids turning the thermostat up and down. I think he is being insensitive to me, but likewise, I don't want to be insensitive to him. Somehow there has to be a compromise. Anyone else have this problem?

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It's an ongoing series of compromises at my house too. I can't sleep if it is up around 80. My wife will have 2 blankets and a comforter on even when the temp is in the mid 70's. Our compromise is to go with whatever is the least expensive. In the winter, the house rarely goes above 72. In summer, it rarely get below 78. At least we are both happy about lower utility bills. :)

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Bill, a lower heating bill is nice but if you don't get a good night's sleep and you wake up sweating in the middle of the night, it's a no-win situation, LOL!

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I also live in GA. We are the opposite. I am cold-natured, worse since I reached my late 30's (why, I don't know -- thought I was supposed to get hot flashes), and DH is always hot.

I add an afghan to my side of the bed and sleep in warmer nighties. He sleeps very light, and folds the covers back and runs the ceiling fan in addition to the A/C.

We keep it at a happy medium... set at 77°, which is comfortable for us both as long as we dress appropriately.

Example: my dad ALWAYS complains that he's hot when he comes to visit. But even in the summer he wears pants and sometimes even long sleeves. So we don't feel too sorry for him LOL

But I feel like I have no reason to complain about being chilly if I am not dressed warmly. DH the same, he changes into shorts and a tank when he gets home.

And in the winter, I do not overheat the house. We set it in the winter at around 73-74, and we both seem to be comfortable.

Now the CAR is another story!!! LOL

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I live in Louisiana and it's pretty hot here also. Dh and i are always fussing about how cold i have the house. He likes it at 77 and i like it at 74, so when he's home i usually in my bedroom with the fan on so i'm not

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I think temperature is just one of those things men and women will never agree upon. DH is always hot and I'm always cold. But I have to admit that I like it REALLY hot, over 80. But he is uncomfortable at anything above 70. I just dress warmer. He can only take off so much clothing to get cool, but I can always add more to stay warm.

I'm lucky because in my house, we have separate offices and I keep my green iguanas and ball python in my office. So that room has to be about 85 degrees and very humid during the day, down to about 75 at night. So at least during the day i have a comfortable retreat. DH keeps his office much cooler and has a fan in there too. Lately we've been opening the windows because it's been surprisingly cool and pleasant here in NC, but I don't expect that to last much longer. He may think it's ridiculous for me to wear lightweight jeans and long sleeves when it's 95 degrees outside, but I always remind him I could wear shorts and t-shirts if he let me open the windows. That usually shuts him up :)

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A tad off the subject but the posts really made me laugh. They brought back two memories from our first year of marriage. First summer, so darn hot hubby kept turning the fan up thinking that would help me out. Problem was he is so much bigger, most of the time he was blocking the breeze! Our apartment didn't allow for moving the fan readily. First winter, we had an electric blanket with dual thermostats. I kept turning mine up because I was cold. Hubby kept turning his down because it was too hot. And of course the thermostats were reversed. Thanks for bringing back the memory and the laugh we got out of it.

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