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kjimpNovember 28, 2001

Sounds like you ladies know and I am confused. So here goes. I am a young 55, in good shape (huh!) no uterus

since 25 and ovaries out about 10 years ago. I take premarin .625. Thats it!! Is it enough, will more help? I am

quite dry, no real sex drive (partly because of that!) and do not know what I need to help with both. Also the big

O is a work of art. Hubby is very patient. My DR. hough doesn't seems too interested. Been going to switch Dr.

for some incontinence help too but do not know if I need a GYN or a Urologist or just the GNC store. See if

you can give me a new start. I have been reading your forums to learn!

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I am hypothyroid and would like to know if anyone has tried the combi-patch and what their experience with it is>


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I haven't checked into this Forum for awhile and have only now seen your post asking those who started using progesterone cream to give an update. It's a pity that the original thread will eventually disappear because it's reached it's limit of 100 posts. A lot of valuable information will be lost when it slips off the end of Page 10.

I used AIM Renewed Balance when I first started using progesterone cream. I was quite happy with that but was convinced by posts on this Forum to try PhytoProlief. I bought three bottles of it so I gave it a very fair trial. I am now back on AIM. My hot flashes and night sweats returned when I was on the PhytoProlief so it obviously wasn't for me, although I didn't have them as often as I did when I first started having hot flashes and used nothing, which was every 15-20 minutes 24 hours a day. I haven't tried any other brand.

I use very little of the AIM, less than the 1/8th teaspoon recommended and I now use it 21 days per month. I am almost 56 and have been perimenopausal for 14 months now. I don't suffer like some ladies do though, my only symptoms being erratic periods, night sweats and hot flashes although the last two are under control now. I still have periods every 2 to 3 months. I keep thinking/hoping each one will be my last.

My friends are amazed that I didn't start perimenopause until just before my 55th birthday and that I am still having periods at almost 56. They all went through menopause in their 40's. The only difference between me and them is I had a tubal ligation at 36, I've never been pregnant and I'm a vegetarian. Whether these things mean anything, I don't know. Some people think that vegetarians live on soy but I rarely eat/drink anything made from soy. Reading the bad press it's been getting lately, I'm quite pleased that I've never liked it.

Another thing I would like to add is that I also take Promensil - one a day. This is derived from red clover. I've tried each one without the other but using both the cream and taking Promensil appears to be a good combination for me. I know everyone is different. I'm pleased I found my "balance".

Good health

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