Ovulation pain started on day 25 of cycle!

landygirlNovember 23, 2006

I'm in a bit of panic here so any reassurance graetly recevied.

I am 45 yrs old and last 7 months things have gone a bit haywire.

I have always "suffered" with ovulation pain that usually starts on day 11-12 of cycle and goes away on day 14. I call it my walking on eggs pain as it is excruitiating when I stand up, sit down. just before urination and if I putmy foot down too hard! '

It only occurs on right side of course so have rushed to Drmany time sure I have appendicitis!

Three months ago I had severe ovulation pain for 8 days which did end on day 15 ofmy cycle and My Dr did blood test to rule out appendix then send me for pelvic ultrasound which was competely normal so told nothing can be done as its ovulation pain.

This last 7 months I have had two late periods by a few days and I got ovulation pain both times after day 14 ofmy cycle but it didn't last long.

Yesterday on day 25 of cycle I got very bad pain which is even worse today.

I rang my GP who said don't worry your ultrasound shows all is well your just at that age where cycles go haywire. I asked what I should do it it doens't go away or my period starts and I still had the pain and she said of course come and see her but she is sure my period will start in 12-14 days and this is just a very long cycle.

She said I am at the age where nothing is normal any more and things happen to your cycle that has never happened before.

I'm a real worrier about health and just don't need all this happening to me!


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Hi ladygirl,
I really think your doc is right. Everything goes haywire during this time, and you just have to ride it out.
I spent last Christmas day in the ER, because of ovulation pain. I'd had it in the same spot for about 6 weeks.......waiting for it to stop. Then on Christmas eve it got really bad, and so I went into the ER on Christmas day. The CT scan showed a small cyst. The ER doc said "That's not a big enough cyst to cause all that pain......but nothing else shows up". Well he's wrong.....a tiny ovary cyst CAN cause alot of pain.
So take some tylenol/Ibuprofen, and just hang in there.
I've also noticed that when I have poop in my intestines in the area of the ovary that has a cyst....it hurts even more. So I think the whole area gets a bit inflammed in there. And from now on, don't except any of your normal timing to occur. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if you had ovary pain during a period!
Hang in there landygirl.........I think everything, unfortunately, is going as planned!

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Thanks for replying and telling me that ovulation pain can last a long time as this is what is worrying me most.
I still have the pain and its now day 29 of cycle.
I did go to see my Dr on Friday ( now sunday) and she said as I had a clear scan 10 weeks ago its not sinister and that all and everything can go awry at my age.

I've always been the same anything different health wise causes me to panic and think the worst.

thanks once again for taking the trouble to reply.

I would be very interested in hearing other peoples description of their ovulation pain as I don't know anyone else with it who I can ask??

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Landygirl.........here is a link to another thread on painful ovulation. Lots of info there.

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I don't know why that link isn't coming up as a link......but if its easier for you, just look down about 12 posts from your's. Its titled "Excruciating ovulation??" by Puterlady.

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Thanks for that. My anxiety got the better of me today ( day30 of cycle) and worrying so much about appendicits or water problem that I went back to my long suffering GP who was thankfully very nice. She is still convinced that it is ovary pain and as my period still hasn't started things are def awry.
Because of my anxiety she examined me and right side of tummy button tender and did two blood tests. A full blood count to rule out appendicits and a liver test to cover liver/pancreas and gallbladder. I also had a urine sample sent away for testing. She is sure all will be normal ( I am praying it is!!)
She said if I still have the pain after my next period then she would send me to gyno but as my last scan 12 weeks ago was normal it can't be anything sinister.

I am now in a flap about the test results!!!

Will read the post about excrutianting ovulation though.

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This menopause thing can really put us through the wringer. I got very paranoid about having a fatal illness during this time too! I had so many fears for so long, I finally realized that if I truly had something terminal, I'd be dead by now! lol!
Your doctor is doing all the appropriate things. The tests she did will cover alot of things, and you should really allow yourself to relax when they come back normal. Okay?
I think some of us just have more sensitive ovaries!
When we have this pain, its really hard to believe it isn't something worse.......but it really isn't.
Also, in the future, if you're worried about appendicitis, one thing you can do is check your temperature. If it was appendicitis, you'd be having a fever too. Hang in there!

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