I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy!

anna_in_quebecNovember 13, 2007

I am 49 - no period since last December - and after my blood tests, I got the news (today), that I am menopausal! I've had no horrible hot flashes etc. Can they start afterward? My doc didn't say all that much about it - it was all rather anti-climactic hearing this news. Can I expect a drastic decline of some sort. I need a stiff drink!


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I don't know if I am average but I didn't have my first hotflash until 13 months after my last period. My symptoms got worse and worse until I submitted to bios 6 years later. However, some people get lucky and don't have symptoms.


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My Mom never knew she was going through menopause except for the cessation of periods, so yes, there's a chance that you may not have severe symptoms. But if you do, at least you have a clue what may be causing it :)
(looking on the bright side)
Mrs H

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until I submitted to bios 6 years later

What does that mean?

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It means I went on bio-identical hormones to stop the symptoms. I couldn't stand them any longer. It became a quality of life issue.


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I found out a few weeks ago that I am half way through. I don't even know what that means. I finished chemo a year ago. I have follow up blood screening and they included checking for menopause this time as chemo tends to kick you into early menopause.

About a year ago I had a heavy period that lasted for about 2 months. Then no period for few months and now I am pretty much back to regular cycles. My periods are worse. Cramps, pain with ovulation. I'm having a period now.

I do have mild hot flashes, and I'm moody.

For me the worst part is feeling like I'm going to look old, and feel old. At first I thought I could embrace it.

I hate not knowing how long this is going to take.

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I found out I was in the midst of perimenopause when I decided to start reading up on it, thinking I was doing it ahead of time. I was in that phase for at least 6 years, but I think it was longer. I found out it was due to burned out adrenal glands, after 5 years of the big stressors in life. It makes the process earlier, longer, and worse symptoms. I'm amazed my dh is still around! I was sooo glad when my cycles ceased.

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I am 56 and hadn't had a period for 5 months. A month ago, a blood test confirmed that I'm in menopause. Two days ago, however, I got my period and it's been very heavy (almost as though it's been making up for lost time).

Is it normal to get a period even though a blood test confirmed I'm in menopause? Should I be concerned?

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From what I understand hormones can fluctuate and the test they do for "menopause" may indicate you're in it one month and not the next. Everything I've read says the real definition of menopause is no period for twelve months - those other test results can fluctuate.

I never had another period after having an embolization for fibroids at age 48 1/2 - it has now been two years. I didn't have hotflashes or nightsweats or anything really very bad at all. My mother said it was also not a big deal for her either. I have however noticed some vaginal dryness and I'd swear I'm now seeing more facial hair - YIKES!! Tonight I plucked it out for the first time - I'm wondering what the best thing is to deal with that. I remember my grandmother used to shave her chin like a man -DOUBLE YIKES.

I notice some other more vague things - like I feel like I'm aging faster in terms of looking older and my memory is not what it used to be. I assume this kind of thing is accelerated now as a result of menopause - though obviously it's just inevitable.

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