Should I be worried ladies?

AnneNovember 5, 2001

Hi Everyone:

I have been a regular 28 day cycle most of my life. Last

three cycles came 20days,21days,23days. I am now at day

  1. I am 44.5 years old. What would the likely hood be

of pregnancy at my age? I am somewhat worried. Has anyone

else had this experience? Does this sound like menopause?

My mother was 50 when she went through the change.

I am the mother of five sons ranging in age from 12 year

old twins to a 21 year old.


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I think you need a pregnancy test just to alleviate your worries. Much better to check it out, instead of worrying unnecessarily. Aside from that its probably just an erratic cycle as you are getting older.

I used to find that if I had a crisis or worried about something at certain times of the month, it always threw my cycle out to as far as 42 days. That was me, but I knew that.

Good luck

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At the age of 44 it's very possible you are experiencing the beginning of irregular periods associated with menopause. I'd also recommend a pregnancy test to relieve your worries in that area. Continue to use birth control until you've had no period for at least 12 months. I believe it's especially important to be protected at all times as perimenopause sets in, because ovulation can be very irregular; ie unless you'd like a late-in-life surprise, what my mom called a "change-of-life baby".

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When I was 38, my cycles became irregular. The first thing they did was a pregnancy test and my husband had already had a vasectomy. It was the beginning of peri-menopause.
At that time I was put on provera the first l0 days of each month and finally it was increased to l4 days a month and then at age 47 I was put on FemHRT which works great.
But get a pregnancy test, just to put your mind to rest
and get hormone tests if you aren't pregnant.
Good luck and God bless.

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My first perimenopausal symptom was irregular periods. They went from 28 days to sometimes 22, sometimes 20; and then some months back to 28 days and then some months 32-34 days.
That was 9 years ago, and every year it seems new and "wonderful" new things are happening. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

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My experience is the exact opposite of Andierut's -- after years (since adolescence) of irregular periods (20-something days, to 30-something days, back to 20-something days), I suddenly became regular in my early 40's. For the last few years, it has been 23, 24, 25 days every cycle. Along with the new regularity came a monthly migraine and assorted other goodies that accomodate perimenopause. I've read that whatever you experienced before perimenopause (regular vs. irregular periods), you will experience the opposite in perimenopause. There are probably exceptions to that, like everything else, but it's interesting that after almost 30 years of very irregular cycles, mine are now regular -- and at the MOST irregular time of my life, LOL!

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Hi Jenn

My cycles became more regular the older I got. In my teens, 20's, 30's they could be anywhere from 28 to 42 days but in my 40's they got more regular and were either 26 or 28 days. Greater regularlity seemed to come with age.

I had no problems having my children and thought the irregular cycles a bit of a bonus. Also was very fortunate and had no PMH symptoms.


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My situaton is exactly like Joan said. I was irregular in my teens, 20s, and even 30s. It became regular in my 40s and it is 25-28 days. Now I am 45. So far I haven't had any peri-menopause symptons yet. My period has been light in my life, except the first 2 yrs after I started. No problem having children-what a bless!

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Anne, I think you should rule out pregnancy first but your situation is kind of how it went for me. I was always very regular, 28 days, and around age 44 or 45 my cycles got weirder - and then stopped for several months at age 45. I had a few more months of periods and it's now been about six months without a period, and I'm 46. We're early, but you could be starting this phase of your life.

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