World Wide Shortage of Lemom Juice?????

chase_gwAugust 20, 2008

Anyone else heard of this?

The only time I buy bottled lemon juice is during canning season, otherwise I use fresh squeezed. Well there is NO bottled lemon juice to be found anywhere in Oakville...none, rien, nada, zip! I have gone to at least 10 stores, was told at the last place that there is world wide shortage of lemon juice.......seriously that's what I was told!

Anyone heard of such a thing? Maybe I should Google.....

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I looked everywhere for lemon juice in the plastic container that looks like a lemon and couldn't find it. I had to settle for "artificial" lemon juice in a similar container. It's not good.

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I know that lemons have been selling for a dollar per lemon at most stores this summer. There are fewer of them,they are smaller and have less juice.

I've been using limes when I can substitute. There seems to be no shortage of them and they are l/3 the cost.

I must have missed the news about lemons, too. Does anyone know what happened?

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Found this from the UK...


Here is a link that might be useful: Worldwide Lemon Shortage

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I freeze my fresh lemon juice.

My neighbors has 2 large Meyer lemon trees. Every year between Sep-Oct, she invites me to pick the lemons to use. She doesn't use them and she doesn't like to clean the ground when they falls off. That benefits both ways.

So, I pick them by the box, squeeze and freeze them. It lasts me throughout the year to the next season.

Meyer lemons is gentle on my stomach due to its low quantity of acid. So, I now grow Meyer lemon trees for just in case my nice neighbor ever decides to move.

You can get dwarf Meyer lemon trees that will do well in large pots and indoor for the winter. If you live in warmer climate as southern Texas, you can plant them on the ground.

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I have had no problem getting good lemons or lemon juice. Go figure, the girl in Minnesota can get lemons! LOL

I don't buy the ReaLemon reconstituted stuff, tho. Look in your frozen juice section, by the OJ, lemonade and apple juices. Minutemaid makes a frozen lemon juice in a plastic bottle that is far superior in my opinion. That's what I use when I have to use bottled.


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I had no idea because I don't buy bottled stuff except enough to wash my hands in it after I chop garlic. I did of course know that the price of lemons is outrageous and I love, love, love them to cook with. I have not seen the Minutemaid frozen. Will look for it.


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I have been using the frozen Minute maid lemon juice for years and I agree it is not like the bottled stuff at all! I keep one in the fridge and one in the freezer at all times.

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Ditto on the Minute Maid! It's always in my fridge and freezer too. Beverly, make sure to look in the freezer section near the orange juice. Minute Maid is owned by Coca Cola, so your store should have no problem ordering it.

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How long does the frozen keep in the frig after opening? I have never seen this but would like to try.

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Months and months. I've never had a problem. We probably go through a bottle in two to three months. It depends what my fresh lemon supply situation is.

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Thanks compumom, I shall look for the frozen minute maid.

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I haven't had trouble finding lemon juice, but I did recently have trouble finding lime juice. It was a week or 2 after Fourth of July, so I just figured a lot of people had margauritas that holiday, lol.


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I checked the grocery store and was able to find bottled lemon juice and real lemons. Though there were twice as many limes as lemons, the lemons were only 36 cents each!

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Just got back from grocery shopping at 3 different stores and saw NO shortage of bottled lemon or lime juice in my area. Maybe I should have bought some?

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I also use the minute maid bottled frozen lemon juice. But here is a trick to get garlic or onion odors on your hands. Wet your hand s with cold water and sprinkle with table salt.Rub the salt all over your hands , everywhere onion or garlic juice touched. Rub until the salt dissolves and hands feel slick. Rinse with cold water and dry your hands. Odor is gone.

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I heard Tropical Storm Fay has already seriously hurt this years' Florida citrus crop. The fruits (oranges, lemons,etc) are still small on the trees, but the roots have been damaged by becoming overly water-logged. Just my 2 cents.

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BTW - I love the smell of garlic on my hands :)

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I've never tried to get the smell of garlic off my hands either.

No shortage of citrus at my house - I regularly throw out oranges because I get too many. Limes are plentiful when lemons are in short supply, and I freeze lemons when I have too many. I freeze the whole lemon and defrost it in the MW when I want to use it. It's easier for me to find them in the freezer that way. I freeze lemon rinds also, so that I can use them in chicken stock. If I had more room in my yard, I think I would get another lemon tree.

Ellen, I surprised you don't have a Meyer lemon tree - I thought everyone in L.A. did!


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You're right Lars, we do NEED one as DGS would say. I already mentioned it DH!

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I have had a horrible problem since June getting lemons or lemon juice, living on a minimal income I cannot afford to buy enough lemons to make the amount of juice I use, instead of soda I drink lemon and water all summer and then some,( lot of it ) It's also beneficial to my diabetic condition and in the past two months of shopping and going to 5 stores, I have come across 4 bottles of lemon juice. My daughter works at one of the supermarkets and has been watching every day and nothing makes it on the shelves. The frozen stuff is out too.I have been looking online for a place to buy large bottles but haven't been having much luck with anything being in stock. So if anyone comes across a source I'd appreciate the heads up. I'm glad someone started a feed on this, I thought it was me for a while. I guess it depends on where you live and if there are local crops. Being in Massachusetts there aren't many places around here who grow them. I'd never heard of Meyer Lemons before.

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True Lemon, True Lime and/or True Orange
have u tried these?
good true taste

at 50 cents to $1.00 each for a lemon., i am glad i froze the juice from 14 pounds of lemons my friend in california sent me.

Here is a link that might be useful: lemon pkgs

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I just noticed that the title of this thread is about Le Mom juice, which might be something different.

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I never have a reason to buy bottled lemon juice so I hadn't noticed if there was a shortage. But I finally remembered to look when I was in the grocery store this week and there is no shortage out here. Every size bottle of Real Lemon you could possibly want. The shelves were full. Maybe they shipped it all out here. Fresh lemons are plentiful too.


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