Positive aspects of menopause

hunter_txNovember 30, 2006

This is really just meant to be a cynical but fun thread, because I actually think that this middle-age menopausal stuff just sux. Anyway, there are a couple of positives that I see just the same:

1. You don't have to shave above the knees anymore because your body hair starts falling out.

2. You have a good excuse for being annoying and fussy.

3. You don't have to worry about wearing make-up as much because it really doesn't help. It just accentuates those facial lines. Saves lots of money at the make-up counter.

4. You don't have to worry about being in fashion with the latest hemlines, because God knows, you don't plan to ever let anyone see those saggy knees again. That also saves money.

Anyone else have any to add? I'll add more if they pop into my head.

Mrs H

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No need to go to the sauna-just wait a few minutes and you'll be sweating!!!

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Good one :)
Along those lines, you can save on Winter heating bills. You have a built-in thermostat set on high.

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The definition of "I'm hot" has taken on a new meaning. When I would say those two words through out the years, my hubby had a grin on his face, now he has a scowl LOL


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LMAO! Thanks
Mrs H

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1. No more periods.

2. No more editing what you say, it just flys out of your
mouth before you know it. (Although you may have to
apologize later)

3. Your so much more self-confident.


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Assuming you still have all your plumbing: No more worry about an unexpected 7 pound surprise nine months down the road.
No more teenagers to raise and stress over.
Mrs H

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