Cork under appliances and cabinets?

jasperdogJanuary 23, 2013

For those of you with cork flooring, did you install it under the appliances and cabinets or did you put another type of flooring under these? It seems like it would be better to put a less compressible material under the appliances and cabinets.

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I've been researching that trying to get my reno timeline down. I've read in some install materials, when it's mentioned at all, to put glue down cork under cabinets and appliances. Our Cabinet guy agrees. The compression from weight that well distributed shouldn't make a difference.

If its floating, I've read not to put it under cabinets as they pinch the flooring so it doesn't float right in that area. I guess at affects the expansion of the floor. Didnt pay too much attention as we are using glue down.

I'm open to more info though, still got almost 4 months...

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williamsem is correct, it depends on the type of cork flooring being used. No floating floor should ever be installed under the cabinets or island.

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@Dekeobe - please expand this lesson: why should floating floor not be installed under cabinets? Glue and nail are okay but not floating - is that correct? Can you glue under the cabs and then install the remainder of the room as a floating floor? I've read so many answers to this question with differing opinions but no real explanation. Thanks so much.

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Floating floors should not go under cabinets, there needs to be a small gap which is hidden by molding.

There is no functional reason to put ANY finished floor under perimeter cabs other than making the flooring install easier or allowing a change to footprint.makes changing the flooring harder too.

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I can understand why floating floors shouldn't go under cabinets but I have read many-many times that all "fixed" floors should (e.g., it'd be impossible to match the floor should one change the cabinet footprint, etc.).

I have just read "Kelly's kitchen sync" and she strongly advises to tile under the appliances. The main reason is that the floor is likely to get damaged if the appliance needs to be taken out (for repair or replacement).

I am afraid cork is too "soft" to be put under something as heavy as refrigerator. My question is what to use instead.

I don't like the idea of plywood under anything that may drip water. What else?


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I have been wondering about this also; more particularly about how I would pull my free standing stove and refrig out for periodic cleaning under and behind without damaging the cork.
My floor guy has also said that the cork would not go under the cabs, just would butt up to them, but would be under the stove and fridge.
I wonder if it wouldn't be better to put some kind of smooth hard surface, level with the cork, and use a little piece of vinyl over the cork when sliding the appliances out

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Other experts,

Could you chime in?


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When the previous owner had new tiles floors put in the kitchen, it went up to the cabinets. Guess what, a week after closing the DW started leaking so we bought a new one. Great, until we went to pull the old one out. We literally had to loosen the countertop, remove the tiles in front of the dishwasher in order to have enough room to pull it out. What should have been relatively easy turned into a 5 hour job trying to carefully remove and not break tile. We did it but very frustrating.

I am tall, and I definately notice that my counters feel "short" to me. I know it isn't by alot but it is about 3/4 of an inch (they put a subfloor over the original boards, then tile).

We are going to redo the kitchen when we have time, hopefully this summer, and I am going to put flooring or at least new subfloor under the cabinets so they are level to the rest. I will put flooring under the fridge and other things that get pulled out. We are planning to either do tile or hardwood, probably wood.

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I have read/been told a few times the glue down cork should go under cabinets. I also asked a little bit back about this I think in the flooring forum. The weight distributed over the cabinet area should not cause enough deflection in the cork to be concerned about.

If I've been misinformed, PLEASE let me know, I need to order next month!

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