Slower Urine Flow in a 41 year old female

Karen72November 22, 2013

Not sure if I am approaching perimenopause, but I've had a couple of disturbing symtpoms, one being a slower urine flow and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder. The other is more frequent yeast infections(never had one before the age of 40, now I get them monthly after my menstrual). Can anyone relate?

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Meds can cause you to retain urine. I was prescribed a couple that caused that and I would not take them. I just read that Melatonin, the sleep aid can cause it.

I would suggest Googling your meds for side effects if you take any.

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Yes. I think you need to see your doctor - and perhaps have a cysto done - (not pleasant). They will need to rule out urethritis or urethral syndrome (the syndrome unfortunately presents the same - but you do not have an infection - just all of the same issues - trust me on this - I know...). Antibiotics can cause it - or you could have a UTI - that must be treated before you end up with a kidney infection. I have had this condition all of my life - had nothing to do with peri-menopause or later menopause. I am also very acidic.

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