kwc purestream

YuliaOJanuary 4, 2014

ANybody has experience with this system?

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I had one hooked up for about 10 years. We planned to keep the faucet and the system in the kitchen reno, but somewhere along the line the faucet was damaged -- a leak that wasn't there before.
We thought about replacing the cartridge but a new one cost as much as a replacement faucet.

Is KWC discontinuing the line? I ask because the replacement was so inexpensive and was listed as a discontinued model. If that's the case I'd wonder how long the filters will be available.

With that in mind, we replaced with a different model and use a Zero filter in the fridge.

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i guess they are discontinuedâ¦i was only able to find them on ebayâ¦
i just loved their faucet, it has a pull-out, what a neat idea for filling out pots! I didn't find any other filter faucets with this featureâ¦

the faucet has 5/16 pipe going inâ¦i wonder if any other filters would fitâ¦

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet

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Not sure -- never tried it.
But, yes, might work as a combo side spray/pot filler and drinking faucet.

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I have one. I love the pull out concept but the button has to be constantly depressed which makes it a pain when filling containers. You can't walk away when filling a pot. I am getting rid of it and replacing it with a low flow concetto from Grohe. I want a pull out for my filtered water faucet and no one makes one. My thought is that I could use a regular kitchen faucet with a low flow with my filter. I went to several plumbing showrooms looking at items like the waterstone filter faucet but I know they will not work for me, I like rinsing fruits with the filtered water and a pull out faucet with spray sounds like a lovely idea. Also, I place the pot on the side of the sink to fill it rather than having to lift a pot filled with water out of the sink.

I wonder why no one makes a filtered faucet like a kitchen faucet?


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homepro01, do you use it with kwc water filter or something else? Is it enough and comparable to other under sink filters?

I actually think it would work better if we could not walk away when filling a potâ¦I walked away and forgot about the running water more then once on my current kitchen :)))) I would come back to find huge ocean of water on the floor :((

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I have it hooked up to an Everpure h1200. I love the everpure units and have used them for years. I started with an Everpure h300. I don't mind the pure stream for filling carafes but I get bored holding the button to fill a pasta pot. My filter has a flow rate of 0.5gpm. My unit is not under the sink because it takes up too much space. To be honest, your filter system does not need to be under the sink and if you can avoid it, I would put the filtration system in a mechanical room where it is easy to change the filters. Most filter systems you need to twist the filters out of the housing and this can be a pain under the sink. If you go away from a undersink filter, you have a lot more choice and larger flow rates. I considered a system from Freshwater systems where you purchase the housing and specific filters for you water needs and can achieve faster flow rates.

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thank you!

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