The pain after a Hysterectomy

denise_gwNovember 29, 2001

Hi everyone, I have a question and I need some advice and answers. My mother had a hysterectomy done some years back. Now she has been going through some exsruciating pain. After going to the doctor she was told that the tubes had been tied and they should not have been. She is now taking very strong pain medicine 4x's a day. What can she do? Should the tubes been tied? I am beginning to wonder if they evengave her a hysterectomy at all or maybe they only gave her a partial one because she still have her Appendix. I don't know I just want to find her the best help possible. Can you help me?

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I think your Mom better get a second opinion, and if she gets no better answer than "they never should have tied your tubes", she should get a third opinion. In other words, she needs to find someone who will tell her the cause of her pain and do something about it if possible.

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Did she maybe have her tubes tied prior to the hysterectomy for surgical birth control? They would not have necessarily removed them, just the uterus. There could be surgical adhesions (scarring) which can be very painful. Or it may be a totally different internal organ in the abdominal area. What tests did they do for diagnosis? (And they don't always take out the appendix - they left mine in.)

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Removing the appendix during abdominal surgery is no longer routine.

I agree with Anne that your mother needs to see another doctor and then another if she doesn't get any better answer than this from the ones she sees. I also agree with Jifrah that adhesions from the hysterectomy or a prior tubal ligation might be the cause of the pain, but your mother needs to find out exactly what's causing the pain. She's entitled to better and more responsive care than she seems to be getting now.

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Thank you all so much for your advice. Now what we are facing is the fact that the doctor who did her hysterectomy left the surgical clips inside her body and this showed up on her x-rays.
The biggest problem now is finding the surgeon to perform the procedure of removing the clips. She is now in constant pain and going thru countless number of test. I feel so helpless and really don't know what to do or where to go from here. I don't understand why its taking so long and why they have to run all these test. Why can't the surgeon just go in and remove them. Please help!!!!!

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Sounds like malpractice! Find the doctor and find an attorney. You already have the proof on xray.

Barb D.

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Sometimes surgical clips are left in the patient for a purpose........surgeons with a sense of humor call it "surgical schrapnel".
Likely the clips are not causing her pain.
Linda C

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Sometimes sugical clips are deliberately left inside to permanently secure tissue in some way. They may or maynot be contributing to her pain. The reason for all the tests is to find out as much as possible if surgery is necessary and also what might need to be done surgically. The risk of opening up an abdomen is not taken lightly and is not done without cause. I know how hard it is to wait through all of this when a loved person is suffering. You are doing so well by standing by with your Mom through it all. I hope you have someone to encourage you as you are encouraging her.

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I am going through the same type of problem. I also have IBS. My doctor sent me for a CT scan and then I had a colonoscopy. The ct scan shows a surgical clip from my hysterectomy 14 years ago and it is in the area of the pain. No one seems to be listening to me. What do I do? I have been to several doctors with no help.

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