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balthusNovember 21, 2001

Hi - After reading a lot of posts here would like to try progesterone cream before starting the pack of FEMHRT that's been sitting on my desk for a week. I'm posted a few messages about my conflicts with starting HRT. Sorry for being repetitive if these questions have been answered somewhere else but:

1- I haven't had a real period since early July - some spotting in September for a day or two. How do I calculate day 1 or can I make today or any day day 1?

2- I've read to use 2 weeks on & 2 weeks off or else 3 weeks on & 1 week off. What's the difference & why one over the other?

3- I bought something called KAL Natural Progesterone with DLPA Liposome Cream. Label says 500 mg pure progesterone per ounce. USP grade progesterone. The health store had 3 or 4 different brands but this one had the least amount left on the shelevs so I thought if it's selling out, it must be better?

4-Do I start with the 1/4 tsps 2x/day?

5-Do I rub in fleshy areas or not? Tube says "desired" areas. Do you rotate where you apply?

6-My worst symptoms are insomnia & night sweats & vaginal dryness/burning. Would this be the best protocol to start with?

7-Should I have anything medically checked or monitored? In another post I mentioned my saliva test results were 103.4 for progesterone & 2.8 estradiol & 1.8 estriol. Testosterone was 32.6, DHEA was very low at 1.0 overall cortisol was low at 15.4. If I get relief, how long can one use this?

8-Should I expect any reactions or side effects? If so, which ones are ok & which ones mean stop using?

9-I am almost 49 & I have had 3 benign fibroid adenomas removed from my breast over the course of 25 years (1971, 1973 & 1995) & have pretty dense fibrocystic breasts (as does my mom & sister) but no actual family history of breats cancer. Is this cream ok to use?

In the interim I am trying to find a local doctor who I will feel more comfortable with than the one I've been seeing but need some relief in the interim.

Thanks so much.

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Wow, sorry no one got to you before this. Let me see if I can try to answer you.

1. Go ahead and start. If a period starts, stop and count 7 days, then start again.

2. Your schedule is 3 weeks on and 1 week off. The other schedule is for women with regular cycles.

3. Not sure about your brand, but it sounds ok.

4. I think you would do well with twice a day. But if you want to start with once a day, you can always work up to twice a day when needed.

5. Fleshy areas are preferred. Yes always rotate areas of application.

6. I can speak from experience for insomnia and night sweats that you may very well find relief. I think all your symptoms will be relieved, because they are a result of low progesterone.

7. Sorry, I don't know anything about the tests, and I have never been tested. I have been using cream since Jan'00 with great success.

8. In the first few days, many women experience a PMS-like feeling, including headaches. It should not be unbearable, and you should continue using the cream. It's a hormonal adjustment period that only last a few days. A small minority of women experience a higher level of discomfort such as increased anxiety and feel they need to stop. Many women have no adverse reactions at all and find relief right away.

9. The cream is safe to use for the symptoms you describe, and will not worsen the fibrocystic breast condition, and may actually improve it.

Hope this helps.

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Here's a website with great info on progesterone creams. You will have to register to join that forum, but it is well worth the trouble.

Here is a link that might be useful: progesterone cream

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