My hormone levels

cheerful1_gwNovember 2, 2007

Just got the bloodwork back. My FSH is 103, my LH is 29.5, and my Estradiol is 22.

Not sure what this all means. Trying to get a hold of my GYN, but if anyone knows how to decipher this, I'd appreciate it.

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cheerful1, I have an appt. tomorrow with my dr. to review my bloodwork. I plan to ask lots of questions, esp. what my levels mean, what the "normal" range is, etc.. We'll be having the HRT talk, too. I'll report back.


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I appreciate that. My GYN appointment is next week. I'm curious to know what different doctors have to say about HRT. I really want my quality of life to improve over what it is now.

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cheerful1, I met with my dr. yesterday. We talked about many things, and she said she would give me a copy of my test results so I didn't write them down at the time she was telling me. In the end, I walked out of there without it. Brain dead, I know! Anyway, I remember the FSH was 113, the estradiol was 42, but I don't remember the LH. Basically, what she told me was, my FSH is high and that indicates I am near menopause. Since my estrogen is at 42, that meant my ovaries were still functioning at some level. Given those numbers, she estimated that I would be in menopause in 12-15 mths. She said when my estrogen dropped lower, I'd probably be back complaining of hot flashes. I am getting some other tests before we talk HRT.

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Thanks, Tina. Based on what your doctor said, my ovaries are functioning less than yours. I get wicked hot flashes, among other symptoms. I'll let you know what my doctor says after my visit next Tuesday.

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Went to my GYN yesterday with a list of symptoms. She walked in and said "you have a list!", and laughed. I said I had to write down my litany of what's going on. She prescribed HRT called Activella. I Googled it, and found that it's a plant-derived estrogen, and a plant-based progestin. I'll be on it for 6 months, then go back to her. I also have to get a sonogram to check my uterine lining.

She said to me that a lot of her patients come in with these symptoms, thinking they need to see a psychiatrist. While HRT is a personal decision, she sees improvement in her patients.

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